Unique Candle Gift Ideas: From Baskets, Accessories to Shadow Projectors

Whether it is for a birthday, wedding or a Christmas gift, these unique candle gift ideas will surely delight.

Candle Gift Baskets

The first gift idea is to find a gift set. 100Candles has a range of beautifully put together candle gift sets.

The Hannah candle gift set comes with 6 aromatherapy candles: Ylang-Ylang, lemon, bergamot, Melissa, Lavender, and Sandalwood. All of which come in a fabric covered keepsake box. Available here for $17.99.

Candles Hannah

The Hannah aromatherapy therapy gift set

Beanpod candle gift set

Beanpod's candle gift set

Ever heard of Beanpod’s Candles? They are commonly found backstage at the Oscars and Sundance Film Festival. American made, they are soy wax candles. This gift set from Gourmet Gift Baskets includes 4 Beanpod’s Candles that come in a decorative wooden gift tray.

Extended Candle Gift Basket Ideas

There are also candle gift sets that incorporate more than just candles. Spa gift baskets for example will also come with bath salts, oils, soaps and much more.

Candle Bath Set

The Island Soap Plumeria Hawaiian Bath Set

Another gift set from 100Candles is the Island Soap Plumeria Hawaiian Bath Set. This set includes bath salts, body wash, bath oil, a loofah pad, and a coconut candle shell. It can be bought here for $24.47.

Travel gift set

The Tropical Travel Gift Set

100Candles also has a gift set ideal for people who are always traveling and could use with their own little travel spa kit. This set includes a range of fruit scented lotions and soaps, and a travel candle – available here for $24.47.

Candle Accessories

There are a whole host of accessories that can be given as gifts to candle lovers.

Aromatherapy warmers are a great candle accessory gift. Yankee Candle has a number of oil and wax warmers that will fill a home with a relaxing fragrance available here.

Fragrance warmers

Fragrance warmers

Bath and Body Works has a range of sophisticated candle sleeves like the Zebra and Botanical ones shown in the pictures. They are priced from $3 and upwards depending on the size and style – available here.

candle sleeves

Bath and Body Works Candle Sleeves

decorative candle holder

A decorative candle holder

Soapstone by Yankee Candle is a hand carved, decorative tea light holder. They make for elegant centerpieces and gifts – available here for $9.99.

Candle shade

A candle lamp shade

Here is a unique candle accessory idea – a lamp shade. These decorative shades fit easily over Yankee Candle’s Jar Candles and protect the flame from drafts. They can be bought here for $16.99

Craft Kits

Candle making kit

A beeswax candle making kit

If the person you are buying for likes making crafts or would enjoy learning about making candles, then a DIY candle making kit would be the ideal candle gift idea. You can find one craft kit here on Amazon that teaches people how to make Beeswax Candles.

Scented Candle Gifts

Scented candles are always a popular gift idea. Bath and Body Works has a great selection of 3 wick scented candles here. They go great with the candle sleeves we mentioned early, also available at Bath and Body Works.

Scented candle gifts

Scented candle gifts from Bath and Body Works

Yankee Candle has a collection called Pure Radiance. The range consists of contemporary candles housed in glass vases. The collection also includes distinctive vase holders and candle trays.

Pure Radiance Candles

Pure Radiance Candles

The Pure Radiance Range

The Pure Radiance Range: Candles, Trays and Stands

Bacon candle

The Sizzling Bacon Candle

If you feel like giving a humorous gift have a look into novelty scented candles. Novelty scents can include anything from bacon to beer smelling candles. Here is a bacon version from Think Geek for $15.99.

Personalized candle

A personalized candle

Personalized: A Candle With a Message

Over at Chandlers Candle you can get message or even a picture printed onto a candle.

Luxury Candle Gift Ideas

In our post Creative & Cool Candles: From Projectors to Votive Candle Holders we highlighted these beautiful and unique candle gifts:

Rocking Votives

Rocking Votives are egg like votive candle holders that have a textured exterior and a smooth glazed interior. There is a choice of 15 different glazing colors – available here for $36 each.

Colored votive holders

Colored egg votive candle holders

Colored votive holders

Colored egg votive candle holders


Luminology is a collection of porcelain vessels, inspired by backyard fire pits.  They have a unique wick which gives these candles a modern look. They can be bought at Luminology with prices starting from $18.

Luminology Candles

Beautiful candles by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Luminology Candles

A Luminology Candle

Lumen Shadow Projectors

Not technically a candle, but who wouldn’t love to receive these oil lamps as gifts. There are 6 different designs and they can be bought at Adam Frank for $48 each.

Lumen Shadow Projector

Lumen Shadow Projector


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