The Lumitourni Pendant Light: An Egg Shaped Wooden Lamp Shade

Lumitourni Wooden Light

At first glance the Lumitourni Lamp looks like an elegant wooden lamp shade. Having seen the process and the work that went into it, a lot more appreciation can be had for this sculptural piece. The process involved gluing pieces of scrap wood together, carving it into an hourglass shape, cutting the carved hourglass block into four pieces and reversing the shape (!), then sanding it down into an egg like form – a dangerous process. The photos below do it a lot more justice than that description.

The lamp even incorporates a roller-skate bearing, allowing the shade to turn around the light bulb freely. Samuel Bernier mentions on his DIY step by step guide:

“I like to push the manufacturing process to the extreme. I see this object more as a woodworker experimentation than as an actual light fixture.”

Wooden Shade

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