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Small Apartment Interior Design 03

Interior Design Showcase: Russian Apartment

Here we have a small apartment in Russia that has been designed by Curly Studio. It has a clean, modern and minimalist look, infusing a lot of wood into the space to create warmth. In terms of lighting: modern recessed lights fill the space with ambient lighting, while pendant lights around the bed and industrial […]

Wooden Extension Lamp

The Extension Wooden Lamp

Here is a sophisticated looking wooden lamp. A lamp fixture has been dissembled then threaded through a number of wooden balls that have been drilled with holes. The lamp was created by Norwegian site Lykke-lee.com, but the site and the wooden lamp DIY tutorial have been taken down. Related Posts: The Lumitourni Pendant Light: An Egg […]

Lumitourni Wooden Light

The Lumitourni Pendant Light: An Egg Shaped Wooden Lamp Shade

At first glance the Lumitourni Lamp looks like an elegant wooden lamp shade. Having seen the process and the work that went into it, a lot more appreciation can be had for this sculptural piece. The process involved gluing pieces of scrap wood together, carving it into an hourglass shape, cutting the carved hourglass block […]

Wooden Lamp

A Sleek Wooden Lamp: The CUB

Designed by Julian Robin and being sold by HIX, the CUB is a sophisticated and sleek looking wooden lamp. When turned off, the lamp looks like a solid block of wood. But when it is turn on, you can see a more delicate side to it. Made out of real wood and stainless steel, a […]

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