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DIY light bulb vase

Simple and Beautiful DIY Light Bulb Vase

One day incandescent light bulbs will be completely replaced with more energy efficient compact florescent bulbs or LED lights. Until then, there will be a number of burned out incandescent light bulbs lying around – unless a creative mind sees a new use for them. In one of our recent posts we highlighted the work […]

Tetra Pak Light

Designer Recycled Lighting: DIY Building Blocks Made From Tetra Pak Boxes

These are some beautiful lights that are made out of recycled Tetra Brik boxes – which are mostly discarded drink cartons. The cartons are cut into strips and two shapes are made that can fit together to create a light shade. No glue is needed. The two shapes (a polygon and a hexagon) are just […]

Coffee Filter Light

Recycled Coffee Filters Turned Into Designer Lights

I’ve highlighted designers using coat hangers and wine bottles to create elegant light pieces. Now I’ve come across Lampada’s Etsy shop where they make a whole range of light fixtures using recycled coffee filters. The earth toned filters are creatively used to create different patterns and textures, resulting in beautiful lights as seen in the […]

wine bottle chandelier

Kevin Sutton: Recycling Wine Bottles to Create Beautiful Light Fixtures

I highlighted recently the work of Natalie Sampson who uses coat hangers to make unique light fixtures. This time I have Kevin Sutton of Zuma Creations who designs light pieces using recycled wine bottles. Each light uses energy efficient LEDs and is made to order. The iconic piece of Kevin Sutton’s collection is a 35 bottle […]


To Do: Must Make These Superhero Lamps!

So far no other project comes close to the excitement of trying out this DIY idea. Each of the Superhero Lamps are one of a kind, using recycled toys. The sleek look and the amazing details of the toys makes the lamps so appealing. These truly amazing lamps were created by Ryan McElhinney an award […]


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