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Laser Etched Lamp Shade by Cut&Paste

Laser Etched Light

This lamp shade idea by Cut&Paste is such a simple yet elegant design. Cut strips of laser etched paper are layered around each other and joined using a plastic fastener.

The result is a soft lighting effect that emanates from the special texture obtained in the paper, inspired by the decorative Arabian motifs found in the Palazzo Abatellis.” – Cut&Paste

laser etched lamp

Laser Etched Paper Lamp

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Awesome DIY Lamp Idea: A Miniature Ancient Town

Paper Town Lamps

We’ve highlighted before how you can use camera negatives to make an awesome lamp shade (diy lamp ideas) or how you can print out your own simple graphics to create paper lanterns but this DIY project by fellowfellow.com has merged the two together and taken it to a whole new level. Claire has created her own little miniature ancient town that lights up! By simply using paper and a battery operated tea light. You can find the instructions to make your own miniature town in this post. Have a look at these wonderful photos:

Paper Town Lights DIY

Paper Town Lights

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How To Make Paper Lamps: Simple and Elegant DIY Ideas

We found some gorgeous and minimalistic DIY paper lamps. Follow these tutorials on how to make paper lamps:

An LED DIY Paper Lamp

LilyLeds of Instructables has created simple and decorative lamp using only a printed image, magnets, a battery powered LED and tape. The results as seen in the pictures are elegant Asian paper lamps. The great thing about this DIY project is that you can print out any image and create your own personalized lamp (a one solid colored illustration works best). You can follow along with the instructions here.

A DIY paper lamp

Fold and cut paper lamp

Cut and Fold Lamps

Another paper lamp idea comes from Drips, again from Instrucatables. This time the lamp is made by using cut and fold techniques to create its unique style. Using only one sheet of paper, Drips outlines the step by step process to cut and fold the paper, and how to make the internal lamp. These paper table lamps are really beautiful. The designs you could make for the lamp are endless – there are templates online to make the Eiffel tower, or highly complex geometric designs – site.

Fold and cut paper lamp

Paper Cutting Lamps

MrYen has a range of paper lamps on display at his Flickr account. Using paper cutting techniques he was able to create these lamps that have soft graphics on them. The same can be done by printing a light shaded image onto the paper, but it won’t look as great.


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Creative Ways of Hanging Paper Lanterns Indoors: Plus DIY Lamp Ideas, and Where to Buy Everything

Below are some unique ways to hanging paper lanterns indoors, creative DIY projects that have used paper lanterns, and resources for where to buy the materials for all of this.

1. Creating a floor lamp

A long bent branch can be used as a stand to create an arc floor lamp. It can be planted into a pot of sand or soil, or cement can be used to create a solid base. The lightweight paper lantern then hangs off of the end of the branch, while the cord is wrapped around the branch and plugged into a wall. Another option is to use a fishing pole. Have a look at the photos below:

branch arc lamp

fishing pole arc

Idha Lindhag via Desire to Inspire 

2. The branch wall light

In Anne-Claire’s bedroom we see piece of driftwood has been attached to the wall above the bed. A pendant light has then been wrapped around the piece of wood and hangs down. The same can be done with a paper lantern.

wooden bedroom lamp


3. Creating a paper lantern chandelier

paper lantern chandelier

A paper lantern chandelier

This can be done in a number of ways. If you have track lights with hanging light fixtures, then paper lanterns can be simply fitted onto these lights. Another idea is to hanging a number of paper lanterns around a ceiling light fixture. That the light from that one fixture will make the lanterns softly glow. The best option, one that will require some electrical work, is to have a number of lights hanging down from the ceiling in one area which you can then fix one lantern to.

branch pendant light

You can also hang a branch and have paper lanterns hang off of it


DIY Projects

Because paper lanterns are so light weight and inexpensive there are a wide range of different and unique DIY projects based on them. Here are some creative DIY projects that have been done using hanging paper lanterns:

paper lanterns


Here is where to buy all the supplies to create your own paper lantern lighting indoors:

Where to buy:

You can find a range of paper lanterns here.

And you can find electric cords at the link on the left.


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How To Make Paper Lamps: Simple and Elegant DIY Ideas



Paper Punch + Paper Lantern = Flower Light

Flower Lantern DIY

Paper lanterns have been a great source of inspiration for a number of DIY lighting projects. Because they are super lightweight they make a great base to glue things onto – and they are cheap!

Here are some of our past posts that show DIY lighting using paper lanterns:

Allison of The 3Rs Blog has used a paper lantern to create her DIY paper flower pendant light. There are two unique things about how she made this light. First she used a paper punch to make all those flower petals easily and quickly. Second, vellum was used instead of paper, which gives the lamp a more refined look and produces a better glow. You can follow along with here tutorial here.

DIY Paper Lantern Lamp

DIY Paper Lantern Lamp

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