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Lights and Music: The Digital Laser Harp

Laser Harp

“The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light”

You play the harp by breaking the laser beam with your hand, and you can even change the tone by sliding your hand up and down the beam. It took Steven Hobley 3 months to create his first laser harp and 3 days to create his latest version seen in the first few photos below. The parts for the laser harp cost between $400-500 – which included a Nintendo Wii Remote and an Arduino micro controller. These laser harps have made their way to the main stage with music performers like Little Boots and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Laser Harp Music

Laser Harp Music

Laser Harp Music

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Nokia Lumia 800 and Deadmau5 4D Projection Show: London 2011

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

There seems to be 2 key players in the smartphone game: Apple and Samsung (what happened to BlackBerry?). Nokia is making roads with it’s Lumia 800 Windows phone. To grab some attention for their new phone, Nokia staged a high-tech show in Millbank, London on the 28th of  November 2011. Using 3D projections they dubbed it a 4D show. The added dimension comes in the form of sound – having superstar Canadian producer and DJ Deadmau5 perform exclusive remixes.

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

The projection on the Millbank Tower used 16 projectors, and a canvas of 800 windows that were covered in vinyl. It is probably one of the tallest 3D projections seen to date, however is it really a 3D projection? The graphics were projected onto an almost flat surface. Regardless, it was an amazing event that Nokia pulled off, especially when you take a look at the amount of work it took in their behind the scenes video. When it comes to pure 3D projections, we think Toyota pushed the technology the most when they projected onto an Auris car from all angles with 7 projectors .

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The Strobe Light App Turns Your iPhone/iPod into a Dance Light

Want to turn your iPhone or iPod into a portable dance light? Well there is an app for that. The RoboStrobe strobe light app taps into the flash light. When the app is used with a crystal clear plastic case, the flash pulsates in time with the music, lighting up the whole phone as seen in the video below.

strobe light app for iphone

The RoboStrobe music disco light app is for the iPhone and the iPod 4 and is available from the iTunes app store for $0.99. RobotStobe.

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L&L Lights and Music: The AudioBulb Sound System

Audio Bulb

GiiNii has come up with a unique solution to the overtly complex world of wireless sound systems. Their AudioBulb sound system can be set up in minutes. “AudioBulb requires no technical set-up, wires or custom installation.” – GiiNii. The AudioBulb is a simple concept, a light bulb that also acts as a speaker. All you need to do is screw these fixtures into any ordinary light socket, and then from a docking station you will be streaming music wirelessly in no time.

A Simple Wireless Music System

Music: This hassle free sound system can be used with iPods, iPhones and normal auxiliary input sources (so it can be used with other MP3 devices, laptops, home stereos, or even with TVs to create a wireless home theater sound system).

Light: The AudioBulb is an LED light bulb. Using only 5 watts of energy and rated to last up to 10 years, it is highly efficient. It matches the light output of a normal 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

Freedom in Speaker Design

A great thing about this unique concept is that the speakers are hidden around the room, whether they are in the ceiling or behind a lamp shade. They also won’t take up any extra space in a room. Because they can be used in an ordinary lamp socket, this allows you to create your own sound system based around any lamp design – from Ikea lamps to more high end ones.

Whole Home Sound System

With the AudioBulb you can set up a wide spread, wireless home sound system. You can use up to 8 AudioBulbs with one docking station. They can be placed all around the house, as far as 50-100 feet from the docking station. This allows for an easy way of adding speakers to an outdoor space if you already have light outlets outdoors.

In Control

The AudioBulb package comes with a docking station and a remote control. From these controls you can create two different zones – adjusting the lighting and music in two different areas of the house. There are also 4 light brightness settings that you have control over.

Price: 2 AudioBulbs and the docking station come as a package and is priced at $299.99. Additional AudioBulbs can be bought for $99 each. Available here from Amazon.

The AudioBulb Dock The AudioBulb Logo

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