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Laser Harp

Lights and Music: The Digital Laser Harp

“The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light” You play the harp by breaking the laser beam with your hand, and you can even change the tone by sliding your hand up and down the beam. It took Steven Hobley 3 months to create his first laser harp and 3 days to create […]

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 and Deadmau5 4D Projection Show: London 2011

There seems to be 2 key players in the smartphone game: Apple and Samsung (what happened to BlackBerry?). Nokia is making roads with it’s Lumia 800 Windows phone. To grab some attention for their new phone, Nokia staged a high-tech show in Millbank, London on the 28th of  November 2011. Using 3D projections they dubbed it a 4D […]

Audio Bulb

L&L Lights and Music: The AudioBulb Sound System

GiiNii has come up with a unique solution to the overtly complex world of wireless sound systems. Their AudioBulb sound system can be set up in minutes. “AudioBulb requires no technical set-up, wires or custom installation.” – GiiNii. The AudioBulb is a simple concept, a light bulb that also acts as a speaker. All you […]

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