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Home Outdoor Lighting Ideas: From Driveway, Deck, Patio to Pool and Pond Lighting

This is the reference page for outdoor lighting ideas articles here on L&L. You can find links to everything from pond and pool lighting to pathway, patio, and garden lighting ideas. Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas Simple Landscape Lighting Ideas 6 Simple Artistic and Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas 5 Simple Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas Pergola Lighting […]


Home Lighting Ideas: From The Living Room To The Bedroom, The Kitchen To The Outdoors

This is a reference page for home lighting ideas articles here on L&L. It covers everything from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, the outdoors, the garage, and much more. The Living Room A Picture Guide To Living Room Lighting Ideas and Designs L&L Design Guide: 6 Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas The Photo Design Guide […]


Home Garage Lighting Ideas: A Photo Guide To Fixtures, Layout and Design

A garage can be a dark and dull place without the right kind of lighting. There are a number of garage lighting ideas available, though florescent light strips would be the only suggested route to go down. Additional lights can work alongside these florescent strips such as work and decorative light fixtures. There are also […]


Guide to Closet Lighting Ideas: Fixtures, Ikea and Wireless Options

For some, closet lighting is a necessity because the closet is deep and the ceiling lights don’t fill the closet with light (or there are no lights in the closet in the first place). For others, closet lighting is an added luxurious touch, making an everyday task a little more comfortable. There are a number […]


LUNE By Cielux: An Artistically Crafted LED Mood Light

The Lune by Cielux is one of the most eye catching pieces of mood lighting. With its sleek circular body, bright and vivid colors wash around the curve in the most elegant way. A minimalistic light fixture that does it job in providing intimate home mood lighting. The yellow hue is idea for bedroom mood […]

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