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Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design

‘Light Tape’ is an new innovative way of adding lighting. It is already being adopted by many companies, such as the Tron Legacy movie – the applications are endless. Light Tape is an electroluminescent light strip (a much better alternative to LED lights). It is as thin as a credit card, comes in any color, […]

Design Guide: Home Office Lighting Ideas

There are a number of home office lighting ideas to choose from. Determining what light fixtures to use will be based on what sort of work is being done in your home office. Detail orientated, mechanical jobs will require more task lighting. These lights will need to be colder (whiter) in color, so that you […]

A Brief Guide On: Mission Style Lighting

Like the inspired interior design style that grew out of the arts and crafts era (1900-1930), mission style lighting is similar in its definitive lines and edges, dark wood coloring, and a relatively simple appearance. The rustic look of the dark woods is offset by the patterns and colors of the crackled or stained glass. […]

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