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The Solar Bottle Light: Using Water and Bottles To Create Light Bulbs

Solar Bottle Light Bulb

Solar Bottle Light Bulb

I have highlighted before the innovative solar tubes (closet lighting ideas) which brings in natural lighting through the roof during the day. A cheaper and simpler option, a 1.5 liter solar bottle light, is being used in rural and poor areas around the world.

For a lot of people around the world, just turning on one light bulb can be a major expense. Their homes are not well designed, so it can be a dark place even during the day. Now they can have an inexpensive lighting solution during the day (costing $1 to install in the Philippines). A 1.5 liter soda bottle is filled with water and a little bit of chlorine or bleach. A hole is then cut into the roof where these bottles can sit.

The water reflects the sun light in all directions (it is equivalent to a 50-60 watt light bulb), whereas just a hole in the roof works as a spotlight and doesn’t light up the whole area. The Chlorine or bleach prevents algae or bacteria growing in the water.

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The Importance of a Light Bulb: Energizer Partners with One Million Lights

A great example of a corporate social responsibility case study is seeing Energizer partnering with One Million Lights, a charity that seeks to “improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting.” In a global population of around 7 billion people, 1.6 billion live without electricity. Instead, kerosene lamps which produce toxic fumes are used to light up their nights. Light is essential for kids to study, for a mother to give birth at night, or for families to do chores and jobs. One light bulb could change a family’s livelihood.

social responsibility case study

So Energizer is donating 11 million hours of solar lighting to communities living without electricity in Latin America, Philippines, Kenya and Ethiopia. These solar lights will provide free and healthy lighting. To raise awareness for this cause they are hosting Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World – a number of night races across the world. A charitable case study | advertising without borders.

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