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Internet Umbrella

Projector, Camera, Real Time 3D Mapping: The Internet Umbrella!

Here is another umbrella that lights up, this time using the internet. The Internet Umbrella aka Pileus, was designed by two students in Tokyo, Takashi Matsumoto and Sho Hashimoto, envisioning a more connected future. The Pileus has two main functions, real time 3D mapping and photo sharing. The umbrella is connected to a laptop that […]

3D Projection Building

3D Projections: Onto Buildings, Cars and Snow [Videos]

How cool is this – 3D projections. It has been done a number of times on buildings but other areas are now starting to get used. The basic process is that the object you want to project on, say a building, needs to be digitally mapped out. From here the projections then sit on top […]

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