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Grape Lights: A Decorative Restaurant Lighting Idea

When it comes to lighting a mid range restaurant, you will want to include a number of decorative light fixtures. For Greek, Italian or Wine bars, one such decorative light fixture are grape lights. These are fake grapes that have a light, usually an LED within each grape. There are a range of different versions […]

Highlight Decor Pieces Easily With Wireless Art Gallery Lighting

This cordless picture light is a way of adding art gallery lighting easily. It can be used to highlight artwork or display items – ideal for homes, retail shops, restaurant lighting, galleries, or any commercial setting. These are battery operated picture lights and include brackets and screws that allows them to be attached directly onto […]

British Hat Lamp

Classical British Designer Pendant Lighting: The Bowler and Top Hat

Created by London based designer Jake Phipps – the Jeeves Bowler Hat and Wooster Top Hat are classic British inspired designer pendant lighting fixtures. The lights are named after two characters in novels written by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. There are two versions. Both are made out of black wool felt and aluminum lining. The […]

Restaurant Lighting | VISITS 02

This visit was to a restaurant that also had a lounge section for people to sit comfortably in large cushioned seating with soft lighting. Read here for our guide on restaurant lighting

Restaurant Lighting | VISITS 01

These are images taken at a Pizza Hut. They have used accent lighting in a number of areas. Each time the accent lighting has been used for different purposes: one to highlight an art piece and the other time to provide soft lighting for the restaurant’s booths.  Read here for our guide on restaurant lighting

Restaurant Lighting: The Lighting Design Guide

Opening and running a restaurant is an exciting way to make a living and create a business that can be passed down from generation to generation. There are many considerations to take into account before opening a restaurant that are crucial to ensuring your success. Making sure the location is convenient and has the clientele […]

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