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Defining Luxury: Adding Lighting To A Foosball Table

Luxury Football Table

Luxury Foosball Table

Take a foosball / football table – add luxury European craftsmanship, lighting and a bit of software and you get ‘11’.

This is a luxury football table, unlike any other that I have seen.  The curved shape of the table is inspired by modern stadiums that have become iconic landmarks themselves. That was the goal in designing this table, to create an artistic icon.

The table includes “atmospheric lighting”, the goals light up when you’ve scored, a row of lights down the center keep track of the score (the software bit), and the circular ball disposal area is lighted too.

“The introduction of light to the pitch, goals and ball return echoes the atmosphere of a real football game, in a real stadium.”

11|The Beautiful Game

The 24 players are made in one fluid chrome form, adding to the sophistication of the design. Each table is handcrafted to order, takes 12 weeks to craft, as is on limited production.

It comes with a heft y, hefty price tag. But we won’t spoil the grandeur here. Their first customer was Louis Vuitton. Find out at

‘11’ is designed by GRO Design a design company based in Holland. They were founded in 1999 by three British designers.

In this awe inspiring movie, A world champion table footballer, Jamal Allalou shows off his skill and the artistic beauty of ‘11’.

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