A Brief Overview Of Tiffany Style Lighting

If you are looking for colorful light fixtures then Tiffany style lighting is the elegant way to light a home. Though dating back to 1878, this style of lighting has evolved into chandeliers, floor lamps, desk lamps, wall scones, and ceiling fan lights. Tiffany glass lamp shades and bath lighting are also available. Other Tiffany designs include accent sculptures, stained glass windows, and fireplace screens.

What Is Tiffany Style Lighting?

Colorful mosaics of glass are what makes Tiffany light fixtures stand out from other styles of light fixtures. The most popular varieties of Tiffany glass are opalescent, streamer, fracture, ripple, drapery, and Favrile. Opalescent glass refers to glass that has several colors, a streamer is a sheet of glass with intricate glass patterns adorning the surface. Fracture glass is a sheet with irregular shapes, and ripple glass is textured with surface waves. Drapery is a glass sheet that appears to have fabric folds, and Favrile glass is iridescent with distinctive coloring.

An example of opalescent Tiffany lighting

A drapery glass lamp shade









A sophisticated styled Tiffany light

Where Did The Name Come From?

This unique type of glass lighting is named after the American designer and artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, who started producing stained glass art in 1878. He is also the inventor of Favrile glass. Mr. Tiffany designed his first art deco lamps in 1895. Original Tiffany style lamps were manufactured in the United States from 1895 to 1920. The famous jeweler, Tiffany and Company, was founded by his father Charles Lewis Tiffany and fellow jewelry maker Teddy Young on September 18, 1837.

Who Are Some Companies That Make Tiffany Lighting Fixtures Today?

A dragonfly motif on this Tiffany lamp

While they have been around for more than a hundred years, Tiffany lamps are still popular today. Some companies that manufacture Tiffany style lighting are Meyda Tiffany, Dale Tiffany, Quoizel, the Warehouse of Tiffany, and Lamps Plus.

The price of a Tiffany lamp will vary depending on the style and manufacturer. Some companies offer many of the same styles, but some make specialty designs that can only be purchased from their company. You may find the hardest part of buying a Tiffany lamp is selecting the style and color scheme you like the most.

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