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Typography Lights Lamps

Salvaged Typography Lights: A New Life

Character in Finland takes old signs and turns them into beautiful and sleek lights. They save these letters from going into the scrap yard, and even make them energy efficient by replacing old neon tubes with LED lights. I love how they have shot these lights lighting up old abandoned spaces. These are one of […]

Bronco Dog Lamp

The Bronco Dog Lamp By Studio Toer

This is a cute little lamp – just sitting there like a patient dog. An ingenious part of the design is that the lamp cord acts as part of the leash. “We almost can’t live without electricity. We are addicted to it for all our daily activities. It keeps us on a leash, like Bronco […]

DIY Dioder Hacks

L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects

There are so many amazing DIY lighting projects to do. Here is a recap of the best ideas we have gathered here at Lights & Lights.  They range from advanced – create your own constellation ceiling, to the incredibly simple – use color changing lights to paint a room any color you want, any time. […]

Beast Lamp

Upcycled Designer Profile: Victoria Road – Lighting with Patina and Soul

Remember the past, Remember the future! Victoria Road is an artist couple from East London. They create up-cycled lighting and furniture giving old machines a new lease of life. New elements like electrics and fixings are added for safety. Victoria Road designs are all one- off pieces but can re-create an item in a similar […]


Go Green: A Range of Energy Efficient Lamps

There are two things that make a lamp energy efficient: the light bulb and heat management. The type of light bulb a lamp uses will impact the amount of energy it uses –incandescent are the least energy efficient, compact florescent are second best, and LEDs are most energy efficient. The heat around the light bulb […]


Upcycled Lamps: 7 Unique Projects and Ideas

Here are some of the best upcycled lamps we’ve seen. These ideas and projects are simple and inexpensive to do. Leave us a comment and link if you try any of them out. The Sharpie Doodle Lamp You can easily upgrade a lamp by using a sharpie. Better Homes and Gardens upcycled a teal colored […]


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