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Interior Design Showcase: LED Wine Cellar

luxury LED wine cellar

When I first caught a glimpse of the photos below, I thought this amazing looking wine cellar was part of a fancy night club or restaurant. That was the inspiration Jamie Beckwith, an interior designer, used to design this 6 million dollar house for herself.

“She was largely inspired by lighting for this project and wanted to integrate into a residential space lighting in a way that is normally seen in a commercial space, such as restaurants or hotels. The wine cellar lighting gives a totally different effect and ambiance when LED lighting is utilized to illuminate the arched acrylic wine storage.”Design Shuffle

The wine cellar was created using LED lights that shine through all the acrylic that houses the wine, and the gothic arches. There is a sitting area above that has glass floors – giving unique views into the wine cellar below.

Located in Nashvile,TN, the house includes other extravagant design elements such as a 20 feet long, vertical chandelier.

luxury LED wine cellar

luxury LED wine cellar

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