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Green Lighting + 3D Printing: The Air Rotor Light

You can only produce this kind of design using 3D printing, which is why we will be seeing much more designs and concepts, not just in lighting, using it. The Air Rotor Light was designed based on a propeller – it catches wind to spin itself around, powering an LED light inside of it. It is made out of lightweight and flexible plastic – site.

3D Printing Wind Light 01

3D Printing Wind Light 02

3D Printing Wind Light 03

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Eco Lighting: The Firewinder Wind Powered Light

Firewinder Wind Light

Solar powered garden lights are becoming common in many gardens. One light fixture, The Firewinder, stands out as a green lighting fixture as it is powered only by the wind. It is made of recyclable materials, houses 7 – 14 LEDs (comes in two sizes), and can be easily and quickly installed (hangs on trees, walls, or a post) with only a few tools.

“..one of the most exciting eco-inventions of the decade.”    – The Telegraph

Unlike solar lights, Firewinder doesn’t store energy to light up when it gets dark. The lights shine as the wind blows – the faster the wind blows, the brighter it shines. This eco light is more of an art, decorative outdoor light than a formal outdoor lighting fixture.

The Firewinder wind powered light is available from ThinkGeek or Firebox for $48 – $79


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