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wine bottle chandelier

Kevin Sutton: Recycling Wine Bottles to Create Beautiful Light Fixtures

I highlighted recently the work of Natalie Sampson who uses coat hangers to make unique light fixtures. This time I have Kevin Sutton of Zuma Creations who designs light pieces using recycled wine bottles. Each light uses energy efficient LEDs and is made to order. The iconic piece of Kevin Sutton’s collection is a 35 bottle […]

Globe lamp

Beautiful Vintage Lamps in the Home of Mats and Marie

These unique lamps were discovered in the home of Mats and Marie by Trendenser. This Globe lamp was made by Marie by finding an old fashion globe that had a light inside. She stripped away the map that covered the glass, polished it off and was left with this piece: There are also a range […]

DIY Solar Lighting

Simple and Easy Decorative DIY Solar Jar

Solar stake lights are some of the most common solar powered lights available making them pretty inexpensive. They are simply planted into the soil around the backyard – an alternative would be to fill a bucket or pot with soil/sand allowing you to place them around a deck/porch/patio/balcony. If you want a more decorative solar […]

Paper Town Lamps

Awesome DIY Lamp Idea: A Miniature Ancient Town

We’ve highlighted before how you can use camera negatives to make an awesome lamp shade (diy lamp ideas) or how you can print out your own simple graphics to create paper lanterns but this DIY project by fellowfellow.com has merged the two together and taken it to a whole new level. Claire has created her […]

Vintage Map Lamp DIY

A Simple DIY Idea: The Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Some of the best DIY lamp ideas are the most simple to make and allow you to personalize it in your own way, just like the print out paper lights we mentioned here. Take this pendant light that Allison of Paisley Sprouts created. Here she takes the standard, well known paper lantern. Then cuts dozens […]


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