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Lighting The Night With LED Skateboard Lights

There are a number of ways to light up a skateboard. As seen below there are LED risers, stick on pucks, light tape, the DIY route and buying a Photon Board which has lights imbedded in the deck. Most of these skateboard lights can easily be bought online. Check out the photos below and the links to the shops.

Skateboard LED Risers

Skateboard LED Risers

LED Lighted Risers

LED Risers in action

Skateboard Riser Lights

Xboard Illuminators LED Risers

LED Risers:

Just like normal risers, the LED versions fit above the trucks and will light the whole area around the skateboard.


LED Skate Wheels

Another skateboard lighting option is to buy wheels that have LED lights within them, like the ones from Skate Wheels:

Skateboard wheel lights

Skateboard puck lights Stick on Pucks

Stick on pucks are a simple and easy way of adding skateboard led lights.

Light Boards

A great way of having a skateboard with lights is to buy a board that has lights built into the deck. Photon Light Boards has a range of decks with a choice of 6 different colored LED lights. There is even a socket on the deck where you plug in the power adapter to charge the battery. Have a look at how it works in the video below.

Light Tape

In our post here Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design we highlighted the innovative lighting solution ‘Light Tape’. It is as thin as a credit card, can be cut, and is highly durable. It was the stuff that was used to make the suits in the latest TRON movie. So if you want to take on the project of adding your own skateboard lights head on over to their site. Have a look at what these biker guys did with Light Tape:


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Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design

‘Light Tape’ is an new innovative way of adding lighting. It is already being adopted by many companies, such as the Tron Legacy movie – the applications are endless. Light Tape is an electroluminescent light strip (a much better alternative to LED lights). It is as thin as a credit card, comes in any color, is extremely durable and most importantly – it is bendable.

Light Tape and Tron Light Cycle Benefits

There are so many benefits that come with using Light Tape. It uses a low amount of power:  “One hundred meters of standard 1″ Light Tape® lamp consumes less than a 100 watt light bulb! – ‘Light Tape’” It is low cost and has a long life. There is no excess heating, it is cool to the touch, and it is extremely light weight. All these benefits add up to a new form of lighting that provides much greater freedom in lighting design.

Freedom of Design

As it is a strip of light, there is even lighting throughout. Light Tape comes as AC or DC powered versions, so they can be battery powered and made mobile. Being a flat piece of plastic and because there are no gasses, filaments or glass it is bendable. Being only 0.02” thick, it can fit into tight spots. Because of ‘Light Tape; being bendable and ultra thin – the creative applications for it are endless.

The movie Tron Legacy uses Light Tape for the motorbikes and the Tron light suits.

Here are some youngsters using Light Tape on their bicycles:

bicycle lights

Light Tape and bicycles


It can be applied to retail or showrooms as shown here at the Tron showroom:

Light Tape at Tron Legacy showroom

Light Tape being used at the Tron Legacy showroom


Uses include:

Motorbike accents

Integrated into fashion

Display and retail lighting

For Club, Bar or Restaurant lighting

Used in theaters for stage lighting design

Used on the façade of buildings for architectural lighting design

“NASA did a study for the Air Force to determine Light Tape® could be utilized to identify runways and planes.”

 Their samples start at $50 for 2-5ft. Light Tape By Electro-LuminX – Made in the USA

Site: http://www.lighttape.com/