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The Power of Sunlight: Inflating a Temporary Sun for the Winter

Tropicana Sun

A lack of sunlight can cause a number of issues, such as seasonal affective disorder (a form of depression) or a Vitamin D deficiency. With this in mind Tropicana Juice created a campaign that ended up bringing artificial sunlight to a cold and isolated part of Canada.

Bringing Sunshine To Dark Winter Days

Tropicana artificial sunlight

Inuvik, a small town in Canada of only 3,500 residents, goes without sunlight for weeks during the winter months. So in the winter of 2009/2010, Tropicana went to Inuvik and in the morning brought an artificial sun to life. A 36 foot wide helium balloon was inflated, giving off 100,000 lumens – seen all across the town. The tv commercial shows real people and real emotions. Tropicana also spent time in the community – giving out their orange juice to residents and talking about the effects that a lack of sunlight can have on a person.

Their message is “Brighter mornings make for brighter days

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