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L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects

There are so many amazing DIY lighting projects to do. Here is a recap of the best ideas we have gathered here at Lights & Lights.  They range from advanced – create your own constellation ceiling, to the incredibly simple – use color changing lights to paint a room any color you want, any time.

IKEA Lighting Hack Ideas

DIY Dioder Hacks

In our post 6 of The Best IKEA Dioder Hack Ideas we found a number of great ways to use the Dioder LED strip for DIY home lighting projects. The Dioder is an ideal choice for creating mood lighting, as you can control the color of the light. Some DIY ideas from the post include creating a floating bedside table/shelf, creating an artistic piece to hang behind your TV, or using the Dioder to create a colorful room divider.

Color a Room

mood lighting

This is one of the simpler home lighting DIY projects. In our Go Green: A Range of Energy Efficient Lamps post, we highlighted a few mood lighting fixtures such as the Yantouch Jellyfish, or an LED light bulb that fits into any regular light socket (ceiling or lamp) – which you can control via a remote the color that the light shines. You can transform any room with these lights. If it is cold and grey outside, why not fill the room with a glow of yellow or green. Or if you want to create a romantic setting, how about filling the room with a glow of deep blue or purple.

Philips also has a collection of mood lights to choose from – which you can find here: Color Your Rooms With The Philips Mood Light Collection

Advanced DIY Lighting Project – Create a Fiber Optic Constellation

DIY fiber optic constellation ceiling

If you are up for a large scale lighting project, then have a look at what Danny Mavromatis did to his home theater. He used 11,000 feet of fiber optics to create 250 constellation stars, 600 milky way stars, and a shooting star that travels 12’. Find out more here.

Building Your Own Lamp Projects

DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

In our L&L Design Guide: 6 DIY Lamp Ideas and Projects post, we showcased a wonderful range of ideas. Ideas like using a wine bottle and string lights to create a lamp or using birch veneer and acrylic to create a wooden looking table lamp. For other ideas, such as reusing old toys to create a one of a kind lamp, have a look at our post here: Upcycled Lamps: 7 Unique Projects and Ideas

Custom Made Lamp Shades

dip dye lamp shade DIY

There are a number of ways to go about this. One of the best DIY projects we have seen takes fabric lamp shades and dip dyes them into fabric dye. You are left with a beautiful gradient – DIY Dip Dye Lamps: Create Colorful Gradient Lamp Shades. You could also head over to Lamps in a Box who will print out any image you want onto a lamp shade.

Other DIY Lighting Ideas:



5 DIY Oil Lamp Ideas: From Shadow Projectors to Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Here are 5 DIY oil lamp ideas. 3 of the ideas have already been made with links to the tutorials while the last two are designer oil lamps that are begging to be done DIY style.

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Light bulbs seem to be an area where a lot of DIY lamp ideas stem from. Maybe it is the idea of repurposing an electric light to an oil one that makes the idea so intriguing. Having been amazed after seeing the $650 Sergio Silva light bulb oil lamp, it was a great to see that Magnelectrostatic over at Instructables went out and created his own DIY oil lamp light bulb, for only $10. Have a look here for the materials and step by step instructions.

diy light bulb lamp

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

The great thing about tiki torches is that they can be fueled with citronella oil which will act as an organic insect repellent. So here is a great outdoor DIY oil lamp idea – turning elegant wine bottles into citronella burning tiki torches. The images are from Rrriles of Flickr who followed the step by step wine bottle oil lamp DIY project originally found at Gerardot.

The materials you'll need to make your own DIY tiki torch

A DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Shell Oil Lamps

Malcom of Play 2 Survive, has written up a detailed post on how to create scallop shell oil lamps by using only natural materials. Have a look here for the step by step instructions on how to create the oil lamps seen in the picture below.

A DIY shell oil lamp made out of all natural materials


Lastly here are two designer lamps that can be used as inspiration for DIY oil lamp projects. There aren’t any instructions on how to recreate these gems, so creating these lamps will need some experimentation:

Duo Design Flicker Oil Lamp Sticks

The simplicity of these oil lamps is what makes them so elegant and enchanting. Thin metal straws house the wick and the oil. Source: NotCot

Duo Design's Flicker Oil Lamp Sticks

Lumen Shadow Projectors by Adam Frank

Adam Frank has created a series of oil lamps that double as shadow projectors.  Made out of stainless steel, 6 different designs are available at adamfrank.com for $48.

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Bloom

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Magnolia and Cedar

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Nest

Related Article: If you rather go for electric powered lights have a look at our DIY Lamp Ideas post, the ideas range from using string lights in wine bottles, to using Lego bricks.



L&L Design Guide: 6 DIY Lamp Ideas and Projects

DIY Lamp Ideas Projects

Looking for some inspiration for DIY lamp ideas? Here we have some of the best looking and creative projects, that are relatively simply to do. From using Lego bricks, to old camera film, here are 6 ideas to try out for your next project.

Wine Bottle Lamps

diy wine bottle lamp

The first DIY lamp project only needs string lights and a wine bottle. The string lights are simply threaded into the wine bottle through a hole near the base. The great thing with this project is that using different wine bottles will give you unique lamp shapes, colors and styles. In order to make a hole in the wine bottle you’ll need a drill with a glass drill bit, which is inexpensive and easily available at hardware stores. For the full tutorial on creating a DIY wine bottle lamp head over to Wit & Whistle

Camera Film Lamp

diy film lamp idea

Claire of Poopscape.com used a $6.99 Ikea lamp and stuck black and white negative film onto the glass shade. The result is a stunning DIY lamp. What makes this lamp so special are the images – they can be tailored to a holiday, group of friends – anything. Check out her step by step tutorial on this simple but amazing DIY lamp idea here at Poopscape (site no longer available).

Mason Jar Solar Lamp

A DIY Sun Jar

We’ve highlighted the SunJar before, which are Mason jar solar lights costing around $25.  If you want to go about it yourself, here is a tutorial on how to create a diy sun jar replica (Instructables.com). There are quite a number of different parts and steps, but you’ll get the flexibility of choosing different styles of jars or even vases.

DIY Lego  Lamps

Lego lamps

All you’ll need here are transparent Lego blocks and an LED light (as they will give off less heat and won’t melt the plastic). There are no instructions on this one. The photos shown here are from a shop called red5.co.uk that no longer sells a kit of blocks and light. The other photo is from Tzuwei Tai, a designer who went out and made his own blocks. There is a range of transparent Lego blocks available from Amazon here, which you can use to put together your own DIY Lego lamp shade.

LED Lamps: Music Box or 3D Display


On another post we highlighted a DIY LED music visualizer lamp, which is a lamp that pulsates with music that is plugged into it. This DIY project takes the LED box lamp, and adds the element of syncing music. The tutorial can be found here.

Or another LED DIY lamp idea is to create or buy an 8x8x8 LED cube. These lamps can also be programmed to display 3D images. A tutorial on how to make and program your own 3D LED cube can be found here.


Clean and Simple Birch Veneer Wooden Lamp

DIY Birch Veneer Lamp

Here is a simple, elegant, minimalist looking lamp. The parts used to form it are acrylic, birch veneer and an Ikea LED strip. While the tools needed to make it are: a heat gun to heat and bend the acrylic, a glue gun and an iron to stick the birch to the acrylic. You can find the tutorial here.

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