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Projector, Camera, Real Time 3D Mapping: The Internet Umbrella!

Internet Umbrella

Internet Umbrella

Here is another umbrella that lights up, this time using the internet. The Internet Umbrella aka Pileus, was designed by two students in Tokyo, Takashi Matsumoto and Sho Hashimoto, envisioning a more connected future. The Pileus has two main functions, real time 3D mapping and photo sharing. The umbrella is connected to a laptop that has Wi-Fi access. Onboard the umbrella there is a projector on the shaft which projects onto the underside of the umbrella, a camera, a digital compass, a GPS receiver and a motion sensor.

When switched to the 3D mapping mode, the person’s location is projected onto the umbrella using Google Earth. As the person moves, so does the Google Earth projection.

With a flick of a switch you can go into the camera mode. In this mode the person can take a photo and it will be uploaded directly to Flickr.

You can also project photos and videos from the internet onto the umbrella for a more entertaining walk in the rain. The photos can be scrolled through by simply twisting the umbrella as seen in the video below. – Site

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A Kids Night light With Shining Constellations

Kids Night Light

Cloud B focuses on creating better and safer sleep for babies and toddlers. They work with pediatricians and sleep specialists in creating their sleep focused products, like the Twilight Turtle night light.

The Twilight Turtle is soft and gentle night light for children. A comforting plush animal, it helps children fall smoothly to sleep, and reduce their nerves in a dark room. This night light also projects a starry night onto the ceiling – where parents and their kids can look for and identify constellations.

The turtle has a plastic shell where the lights are encased. These lights produce a soft glow and project stars, a moon and 8 constellations onto the walls and ceiling. This battery operated night light comes with an illustrated star guide, which you and your child can use to identify the constellations before tucking them to sleep – turning this night light into an interactive educational tool. A fairytale story is also included about the Twilight Turtle, who uses constellations to find his way home.

This night light can be easily controlled by children too. A button on the shell turns on the lights. This childs night light has a timer and will turn off after 45 minutes – enough time for a child to fall asleep. You can even have your child select what color of light to shine: green, blue, or red.

This kids night light is for ages 3 and up: This is a night light and not a toy. It runs on 3 AAA batteries which are included. The night light + constellation comes in other animals such as: a ladybug and a sea turtle.

Prices range from $20-30. Available from Amazon.

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