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Create Your Own Wall Art Lamp

Heart Wall Lamp DIY

Feel like creating your own light up art piece? Then check out Jeromina’s step by step DIY guide to see how she made this heart wall lamp. It cost her only $3 to make, using LED string lights and a foam board. Jeromina has gone with a heart shape design to coincide with Valentine’s Day, but this project could be used for anything from making kids bedroom lighting (write out their initials) to restaurant lighting (have a coffee mug or food related graphics made).

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Pottery Barn DIY Table Lamp Hack

DIY Mecury Lamp

DIY Mecury Lamp

After Katherine of MakingChickenSalad.com saw some stunning glass lamps in Pottery Barn, she decided to go about making them herself. Where the Pottery Barn lamps will range in price from $150 to $350, the DIY version can be made for $20-$30. Check out the step by step tutorial here at Paper Stitch.

The original Pottery Barn mercury lamps can be found here.

Pottery barn lamps

Gorgeous Pottery Barn mercury table lamps ranging from $150 to $350

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