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Kitchen Lighting Ideas: A Design Guide With Pictures

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

There are a number of areas around the kitchen that need to be well lit to make it a comfortable and well designed space: like counter tops, islands, sinks, dining tables, stoves, etc. Below we go over the different lighting design options, along with a few pictures at the end to give you more kitchen lighting ideas.

Cabinets: Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

There are two kinds of cabinet lighting: there are the lights that are fitted inside the cabinets to display the contents, and then there are lights that are fitted underneath the cabinets to shine light down onto kitchen counters, making it easier to prepare food.

Inside Cabinet Lighting

kitchen cabinet lights

interior kitchen cabinet lights

An easy and simple way of adding interior cabinet lighting in a kitchen is to use battery powered LED pucks. These inexpensive lights simply attach to the underside of the shelves and can be switched on by pressing on them or there are motion sensor versions.

Recessed lights fitted into the shelving is a common option, but this will require some remodeling of the cabinets. So too in installing florescent light strips. Another cabinet lighting option is to fix rope lights (plastic tubes with LED lights inside) to the back of the cabinets.

Under Cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lights

Puck lights being used to light up the underside of the kitchen cabinets

under cabinet lights

Recessed under cabinet lights

Lights fixed to the underside of the cabinets not only help in lighting kitchen countertops, making it easier to prepare food, but they add a nice touch to a kitchen’s decor. There are a few ways to add under cabinet lighting. The most common way is to remodel the cabinets and install halogen lights. Insulation does need to be installed in the cabinets so it does not heat up, but you will end up with warm contemporary kitchen lighting. Another option is to use florescent lights. There a few benefits florescent lights have over halogen lights: florescent lights do not heat up as much as halogens, because they come in long strips they light up a larger area, and because they are white lights they show the true colors of ingredients. Visit our related post here to see how to install under cabinet lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen islands are great for doing paper work or for the kids to do homework, so when it comes to lighting this area you want to bring the light closer down from the ceiling. Pendant lights are great above kitchen islands, and they make for elegant kitchen decor. Some kitchen pendant lighting ideas include using single or multi light bulb pendant lights. Drum lights are one great option, whereas you can get a kitchen chandelier that has multi light bulbs, and some will even come with hooks and racks that you can hang your cooking pots from (ideal for country styled kitchens).

kitchen island lighting

A kitchen island and a dinner table lit up with pendant lights

kitchen island lighting

A kitchen island being lit by pendant lights and track lighting

Other kitchen island lighting ideas include using track lights. The great thing about these types of lights is that they only use one electrical outlet in the ceiling, so you can easily add a row of lights without having to add any wiring. Track lights can have multiple pendant lights hanging down from them, or they have a row of lights closer to the ceiling, but each one can be angled to point to a specific area around the kitchen island. Lastly, if you have plug sockets on your kitchen island, then a lamp will be a simple lighting solution.

General Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to general lighting, a popular choice is based around recessed kitchen lighting ideas (they are also ideal if you are looking for small kitchen lighting ideas). These are the type of lights that are fitted inside of the ceiling, hiding all the parts from view. They provide a room with great lighting and a modern look.

Drum pendant lights work well over dinner tables:

kitchen table lighting

An elegant drum light hangs over a dinner table

Don’t forget about the great benefits of having dimmers install. They allow you to have absolute control over the lighting in the kitchen. You can turn up the lights over the kitchen island, while the rest of the room is softly lit. Or turn down the lights over the dinner table to set a more romantic scene.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen lighting

The best outdoor kitchen lighting ideas are pendant lights that bring the light closer down from the ceiling so you can see what you are cooking, recessed lights for general lighting, and string lights for more decorative lighting.

Have a look at our posts here for specific ideas for lighting outdoor kitchens:

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Pictures

modern kitchen lighting

Modern kitchen lighting: recessed lights

Kitchen Lighting

traditional kitchen lighting

Traditional kitchen lighting ideas: using a chandelier

kitchen lighting

An elegant kitchen using pendant lighting over the island and dinner table, and track lights for general lighting

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Home Outdoor Lighting Ideas: From Driveway, Deck, Patio to Pool and Pond Lighting

This is the reference page for outdoor lighting ideas articles here on L&L. You can find links to everything from pond and pool lighting to pathway, patio, and garden lighting ideas.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas for Decks

home outdoor lighting

The Garage and Driveway

Pool and Pond Lighting




Outdoor Garden Light Fixtures

String Lights

Tiki Torches


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Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating Your Home in the Holiday Spirit

Spread the Christmas spirit by lighting up your house with holiday lights for the whole neighborhood to see. Below you’ll find a range of different outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, a lot of them are quite simple to set up. You’ll be surprised by the number of ways simple string lights can be used to decorate a house during Christmas.

The Power of Outdoor String Lights

They are cheap, they are flexible and they can be used for a whole host of Christmas lighting ideas. You can find them in the traditional green and red versions, or if you want to create a more modern look then experiment with white and other colored string lights. Here are a few ideas to try out:

A Tree Made Out of Lights

You can create your own tree out of tree lights. Erect a pole and attach string lights to the top of the pole, fan them out and stake the other ends into the ground to create a tree, like in the pictures below:

string lights tree

Create a tree using a pole and string lights

Decorative Ornaments

There are so many different kinds of string lights. The common ones are the tiny little light bulbs, but you can find ones that have star shapes, snowman, and snowflake ornamental shades:

star string lights

Star shaped string lights

Or you can create your own shapes using LED string lights and paper origami techniques which can be found here: DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights.

Wit & Whistle

Paper origami and string lights

Outdoor icicle lights are also another style that can easily be bought on Amazon here

icicle string lights

Icicle string lights make for great outdoor Christmas decorations

Weaving String Lights To Create Decorations

You can use string lights to create your own decorative statues and sculptures:

reindeer statue

Wrapping string lights around this reindeer set found on amazon, will create lighted reindeer statues at night

Christmas lights

Use string lights to create different shapes around the house

Other String Lighting Ideas

Red and Green string lights can be used to create:

    • A curtain of lighting (hang a number of string lights side by side)
    • A starry night (hang a number of small string lights side by side overhead from a wall, tree, fence, etc.)
    • Create elegant wine bottle lamps (have a look here for a DIY guide)
    • String lights can also be woven into garlands to light them up at night.


DIY Christmas Lighting Ideas Using Rope Lights

Rope lights are tiny LED lights that are encased within a plastic tube. Because these tubes are flexible they can be bent and shaped around corners and edges, and even used to create shapes and words.

2 Christmas DIY Projects Using Rope Lights

Snow Flake Lights: All you need to make these snowflake lights: rope lights, a paper template, zip ties, and ribbon. You can find the step by step instructions here.

DIY snow flake lights

DIY snow flake lights using rope lights

Christmas Joy: Use rope or string lights to spell something out (put up a mesh fence where you can weave the lights to create the letters), or you can buy them ready made.

Christmas Light Structures

There are a number of readymade lighted Christmas decorations such as the Santa sleigh below to choose from, others include snowmen, stars, etc:

santa lights


Lighting Areas Of The Garden With Red and Green Lights

Other outdoor holiday lighting ideas include lighting up areas in the garden with colored lights:

    • You can light trees in the garden with red and green lights (place and uplight at the base of the tree or wrap string lights around it)
    • Bushes and the walls of the house are other areas that can be lit up.

green tree

image credits: bossco, Knowsphotos, Barbara, daryl, the justified


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Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas: From Post Lights To String and Tiki Torches

Pathway lighting is ideal in a garden as it adds to the safety and the visual appeal. The following outdoor pathway lighting ideas can help you create a well designed outdoor space – we go over everything from standard post lights to pergola lighting and string lights.

Post Light Fixtures

Post lights are the most popular form of outdoor pathway lighting because they are simple fixtures that come in a number of styles. They are usually short which reduces glare and can be easily installed as solar powered or low voltage pathway lighting.

pathway lighting

Post lights are the popular choice for pathway lighting

Post path lights

The post lights are capped so they only shine light downwards

modern outdoor pathway lighting

Modern outdoor pathway lighting

japanese lantern

Another style: Japanese lanterns

solar path lighting

Solar path lights

street lights

Street lights: taller post lights

Recessed Pathway Lighting

Recessed floor lights are another way of lighting up a path. Though they look modern and elegant, they can produce a lot of glare as they shine upwards. One way of reducing the glare is to have a diffused cover like in the first picture below:

recessed floor lights

Recessed floor lights

floor lights

Another example of recessed floor lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

If you have any walls lining your pathway, these can be used to fix lights onto. You can either use recessed wall lights, flush mount or lanterns and wall sconces.

pathway lighting

Those black circles on the walls are flush mount lights that will light up the path at night

flush mount path lighting

Flush mount path lighting

A wall lantern

Another way to light a path is to use wall lanterns

wall sconces

Wall sconces make for more modern outdoor wall lights

 The wall sconces above can be found here on Amazon.

Pillar Lighting

Pillar lighting is when you have a light fixture on a solid base. These bases, or pillars, can be short so that the lights shine on a path or the pillars can be tall to light the entrance of a driveway.

pillar lights

Pillar lights lighting up a pathway

pillar lights

Another example of pillar lights

railing lights

Pillar lights on a railing

Outdoor Step Lighting

recessed step lights

Recessed step lights

If you have any steps along your path there are a few lighting ideas that can be used to light these areas – like lip lighting, recessed or downlights. Have a look at our post here for 5 outdoor stair lighting ideas.

String Lights

String lights are inexpensive fixtures that can come as electric powered or solar pathway lighting fixtures. You can use them to light up pathways by hanging them from trees, fences, the house walls, and polls.

string lights

String lights hanging from a tree lighting a path

string lights

String lights hanging from the walls


If you have a pergola over a section of your path they can have lights attached to them. If you don’t have one, they can be nice additions to a garden. During the day they provide shade, and at night they look great lit up.

There are a number of pergola lighting ideas for a pathway:

  • You can attach lanterns to the posts
  • Recessed lights can be installed into the posts
  • String lights can be wrapped around the overhead beams and the posts
  • Lights can be fixed to the overhead beams
hanging pergola lights

Hanging pergola lanterns

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches can line a pathway and provide soft glowing light. It can be a hassle to light a number of torches individually – an alternative is to install gas burning tiki torches that can be switched on all at once from a central valve.

tiki torch

Tiki torches can be used to light outdoor pathways

Led Pathway Lighting Using Rope Lights

Rope lights are led lights incased within a plastic tube. Because the tube is flexible, rope lights can bend and be shaped how you like. They can be fitted along railings or lined along the perimeter of a garden bed.

rope lights

Rope lights can be used in a number of ways to light pathways

Indirect Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Lighting other areas of a garden can help light a pathway. For example in the photos below, trees and plants have been lit up with spot lights, swimming pool and pond lights also provide indirect path lighting.

pathway lighting

Lighting trees and bushes provides indirect lighting for pathways

indirect lighting

Another example of indirect lighting

tree lighting

Tree lighting

Other Photos For More Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas

outdoor path lighting

Outdoor path lighting

pathway lighting

Decorative star lights

outdoor path lighting

Post lights and string lights wrapped around the tree branches light up this pathway

image credits


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The Pool Lighting Ideas Guide: Areas, Fixtures, and Color

When installing a swimming pool in your backyard, it is important to set the stage for something spectacular, rather than just creating an area that would only be used for swimming.  Therefore, the landscaping must be considered, as would the right lighting.  Below, discover swimming pool lighting ideas that would not only look incredible, provide safety and security measures, but also create an invitation for night time swimming.

pool lighting

The key to successful lighting is to get the right balance to provide safety for those who are swimming, those walking around the pool and the grounds, but also to answer to the senses. This can be achieved inexpensively and effectively as well as with very high-end solutions.

The Areas To Light

In The Pool

This one is pretty straight forward. Task lighting is used to light the pool so that people can swim at night. Standard underwater lights are what will normally be used for this.

Around The Pool 1

Security lighting will be the most important form of lighting around the pool, followed by ambient and decorative lighting. Lights should line pathways, and outline the pool. This can be done with solar stake lights or spot lights.

Around the Pool 2

There are a number of swimming pool lighting design ideas that can be used around the pool to create a beautiful scene. You can turn secluded corners of the pool into attractive and romantic areas. For pool deck lighting ideas have a look at our post here: 10 Simple Wireless Deck Lighting Ideas. For more above the water, outdoor pool lighting ideas have a look our post here: 6 Simple, Artistic and Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for ideas like glowing pots and sun jars. You can always add a fiery glow around your pool in the form of tiki torches or DIY oil lamps.

The Different Light Fixtures

Swimming Pool Underwater Lights

swimming pool underwater lighting

There are a number of different light fixtures that can be installed underwater in a pool. Standard Lights: There are the standard lights which are common in swimming pools, like the ones here. LED Lighting: There are also LED lights which are much more energy efficient and product less heat. LED swimming pool lights can be found here.

Fiber Optics: Then there is swimming pool fiber optic lighting. How this works is that light is carried around the pool by fiber optic strands. These strands are connected to a light source. This light source and all the lighting equipment is housed in a consol that is installed away from the pool. The benefit of this is that it is easy to access this consol to change a light bulb.

Spot Lights

Another way of lighting a swimming pool would be to use spot lights. These are usually attached to the walls of the house and are pointed down and into the swimming pool.

Solar Lights

There is a wide range of solar lights that can be used for swimming pool lighting. They come in all shapes and sizes. These can be installed by anyone, eliminating the need for electricians, keeping costs low.  They can also be installed practically anywhere, such as directly into the soil with stakes, or fitted into decking, concrete, and paved tiles. There are even floating solar lights.

Fire Power

Tiki torches, oil lamps, and table top fire bowls some ways of adding lighting around a swimming pool. Citronella tiki torches will act as a natural insect repellent.

Colored Lighting

floating pool lights

An important thing is to create a certain ambiance with the lighting. To do this, there are numerous choices, such as colored lights. Today, consumers have numerous options in this regard, as there have been many innovations in the industry, such as with LED colored lights. This can be done by installing permanent colored light fixtures: underwater or above water. There are also floating solar lights that will automatically come on at night and wash the water with a glow of light. These floating lights can come in different models, from changing colors to putting on an underwater light show. You can find these lights here

So when it comes to pool lighting ideas there are 3 main areas to focus on task lighting (in the pool), security lighting (around the pool) and ambient lighting (in or around the pool).

image credits: John Mason sbisson

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5 DIY Oil Lamp Ideas: From Shadow Projectors to Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Here are 5 DIY oil lamp ideas. 3 of the ideas have already been made with links to the tutorials while the last two are designer oil lamps that are begging to be done DIY style.

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Light bulbs seem to be an area where a lot of DIY lamp ideas stem from. Maybe it is the idea of repurposing an electric light to an oil one that makes the idea so intriguing. Having been amazed after seeing the $650 Sergio Silva light bulb oil lamp, it was a great to see that Magnelectrostatic over at Instructables went out and created his own DIY oil lamp light bulb, for only $10. Have a look here for the materials and step by step instructions.

diy light bulb lamp

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

The great thing about tiki torches is that they can be fueled with citronella oil which will act as an organic insect repellent. So here is a great outdoor DIY oil lamp idea – turning elegant wine bottles into citronella burning tiki torches. The images are from Rrriles of Flickr who followed the step by step wine bottle oil lamp DIY project originally found at Gerardot.

The materials you'll need to make your own DIY tiki torch

A DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Shell Oil Lamps

Malcom of Play 2 Survive, has written up a detailed post on how to create scallop shell oil lamps by using only natural materials. Have a look here for the step by step instructions on how to create the oil lamps seen in the picture below.

A DIY shell oil lamp made out of all natural materials


Lastly here are two designer lamps that can be used as inspiration for DIY oil lamp projects. There aren’t any instructions on how to recreate these gems, so creating these lamps will need some experimentation:

Duo Design Flicker Oil Lamp Sticks

The simplicity of these oil lamps is what makes them so elegant and enchanting. Thin metal straws house the wick and the oil. Source: NotCot

Duo Design's Flicker Oil Lamp Sticks

Lumen Shadow Projectors by Adam Frank

Adam Frank has created a series of oil lamps that double as shadow projectors.  Made out of stainless steel, 6 different designs are available at adamfrank.com for $48.

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Bloom

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Magnolia and Cedar

Adam Frank oil lamp shadow projector: Nest

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