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DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights

DIY Paper Fortune Light

We’ve highlighted before (DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights) the creative use of origami in making lights. This time we see Allison of The 3 Rs Blog fashion pendant lights using folded fortune tellers. Here she has made a lot of fortune tellers, and has glued them onto a paper lantern – creating this beautiful, soft glowing lantern. After the success of the paper lantern version, Allison went on to make a drum light one – using the same method. You can find the step by step guide here.

Paper Lantern DIY

DIY Paper Lantern Light

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DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights

Origami Lights

Decorating ordinary outdoor string lights with origami shades

Here is such a simple, creative and inexpensive DIY lighting project. Taking normal outdoor string lights, or LED versions as they produce less heat, and diffusing the light by adding origami shades. These lights will be ideal for creating enchanting indoor decorations – or if you can find waterproof paper, they can be hung outdoors. The glowing cubes that Wit & Whistle has made here are beautiful minimalistic shapes. But there are so many possibilities in creating other decorations – using different origami designs.

string lights origami Head over to Wit & Whistle to check out the step by step guide in making these lights.

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