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Fire and Ice: Making an Ice Lantern

Ice Lantern DIY

Ice lanterns are quite simple to make. All you really need is a freezer (or cold weather outside), water, and a makeshift mold. The ice lantern mold can be two plastic containers, bowls, or any uniquely shaped object that you can put into the freezer. You can use ice shot glass molds if you have candles small enough to fit in them.

There are a few ways to create an ice lantern:

  • You can freeze a solid shape then carve out a hole for the candle to go into.
  • A popular option is to use two containers, one that can fit into the other. You fill the larger container with water, and place the smaller one inside (weigh it down with rocks) to create the hole where the candle will go.
  • The last option is to fill up a container with water and let it partially freeze. The water freezes from the outside in, so if you take it out at the right time the inner section will still be water while the outer edges will be solid. The down side with this method is that you’ll have to keep an eye on it.
Ice Lantern Mold

Use a small container inside a larger one to create an ice lantern mold. Image from Ordinary Life Magic’s Tutorial

Shot Glass Molds

Getting Decorative

You can get quite creative with these ice lanterns. Simply place decorative elements in the water so that it freezes in place. Trying using fruits, branches, or flowers, or how about using food dye to create multicolored ice lanterns? Check out the photos above and below from Astrid Mueller & Ordinary Life Magic:

Ice Candle Lanterns

For a guide on how to make the rainbow colored ice lantern have a look the post here on The Enchanted Tree:

Colored Ice Lantern DIY

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Simple and Easy DIY Air Dried Clay Lanterns

Air Dry Clay Lanterns

Feel like making a lovely and easy to make tea light lantern? ChrysN over at Instructables has created a tutorial on how to create these simple clay lanterns using air dried clay, a stencil design, a bottle, cling wrap, sandpaper, and a needle.

There is such a soft and beautiful glow that comes from these lanterns when a tea light is placed in them. They are relatively easy to make – you can follow along with the tutorial here.

DIY Clay Lantern

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It’s so FLUFFY! DIY Coffee Filter Lantern

DIY Coffee Filter Light

Nichole of Parlour has created this HUGE coffee filter lantern using a 38” paper lantern and 1200 coffee filters. She simply hot glued the filters onto the lantern and it’s so FLUFFY!! So it is not a difficult project, just a very time consuming one (it sounds like it took her 8-10 hours to glue all 1200 coffee filters on).  Obviously you wouldn’t have to use such as large lantern to do this project, but the scale of it really does create a focal point in her dining room.  It looks amazing – and SO FLUFFY! – link

DIY Coffee Filter Lamp

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DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights

DIY Paper Fortune Light

We’ve highlighted before (DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights) the creative use of origami in making lights. This time we see Allison of The 3 Rs Blog fashion pendant lights using folded fortune tellers. Here she has made a lot of fortune tellers, and has glued them onto a paper lantern – creating this beautiful, soft glowing lantern. After the success of the paper lantern version, Allison went on to make a drum light one – using the same method. You can find the step by step guide here.

Paper Lantern DIY

DIY Paper Lantern Light

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Paper Punch + Paper Lantern = Flower Light

Flower Lantern DIY

Paper lanterns have been a great source of inspiration for a number of DIY lighting projects. Because they are super lightweight they make a great base to glue things onto – and they are cheap!

Here are some of our past posts that show DIY lighting using paper lanterns:

Allison of The 3Rs Blog has used a paper lantern to create her DIY paper flower pendant light. There are two unique things about how she made this light. First she used a paper punch to make all those flower petals easily and quickly. Second, vellum was used instead of paper, which gives the lamp a more refined look and produces a better glow. You can follow along with here tutorial here.

DIY Paper Lantern Lamp

DIY Paper Lantern Lamp

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