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DIY – Instant Table Lights: Wine Glass Lamp Shades

Here is a quick, simple and inexpensive DIY lighting idea, one that would be ideal for a wedding or garden party. Simply place a wine glass lamp shade over a wine glass with a tealight candle, or battery powered candle, and you’ll have instant elegant table top lights and centerpiece accessories. Images from Everyday Celebrating and you can buy the wine glass lamp shades at Save On Crafts.

Wine Glass Lights

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L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects

There are so many amazing DIY lighting projects to do. Here is a recap of the best ideas we have gathered here at Lights & Lights.  They range from advanced – create your own constellation ceiling, to the incredibly simple – use color changing lights to paint a room any color you want, any time.

IKEA Lighting Hack Ideas

DIY Dioder Hacks

In our post 6 of The Best IKEA Dioder Hack Ideas we found a number of great ways to use the Dioder LED strip for DIY home lighting projects. The Dioder is an ideal choice for creating mood lighting, as you can control the color of the light. Some DIY ideas from the post include creating a floating bedside table/shelf, creating an artistic piece to hang behind your TV, or using the Dioder to create a colorful room divider.

Color a Room

mood lighting

This is one of the simpler home lighting DIY projects. In our Go Green: A Range of Energy Efficient Lamps post, we highlighted a few mood lighting fixtures such as the Yantouch Jellyfish, or an LED light bulb that fits into any regular light socket (ceiling or lamp) – which you can control via a remote the color that the light shines. You can transform any room with these lights. If it is cold and grey outside, why not fill the room with a glow of yellow or green. Or if you want to create a romantic setting, how about filling the room with a glow of deep blue or purple.

Philips also has a collection of mood lights to choose from – which you can find here: Color Your Rooms With The Philips Mood Light Collection

Advanced DIY Lighting Project – Create a Fiber Optic Constellation

DIY fiber optic constellation ceiling

If you are up for a large scale lighting project, then have a look at what Danny Mavromatis did to his home theater. He used 11,000 feet of fiber optics to create 250 constellation stars, 600 milky way stars, and a shooting star that travels 12’. Find out more here.

Building Your Own Lamp Projects

DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

In our L&L Design Guide: 6 DIY Lamp Ideas and Projects post, we showcased a wonderful range of ideas. Ideas like using a wine bottle and string lights to create a lamp or using birch veneer and acrylic to create a wooden looking table lamp. For other ideas, such as reusing old toys to create a one of a kind lamp, have a look at our post here: Upcycled Lamps: 7 Unique Projects and Ideas

Custom Made Lamp Shades

dip dye lamp shade DIY

There are a number of ways to go about this. One of the best DIY projects we have seen takes fabric lamp shades and dip dyes them into fabric dye. You are left with a beautiful gradient – DIY Dip Dye Lamps: Create Colorful Gradient Lamp Shades. You could also head over to Lamps in a Box who will print out any image you want onto a lamp shade.

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L&L LOOK BOOK: Creative Bamboo Lamps and Lighting Designs

Bamboo is a great material, it is flexible, durable, even water resistant, inexpensive, and a sustainable resource as it grows quickly compared to other types of woods. This makes it a unique material – allowing for creative bamboo lamps and light designs. Below are 4 concept light designs that incorporate bamboo into them. As they are concepts, these bamboo lights cannot be bought – but some are simple enough that they can be made at home.

Zhu Guang

bamboo floor lamp

The Zhu Guang, designed by Fanson Menq, is an elegant décor piece in the day and a beautiful light at night. It is an indoor bamboo floor lamp made from a single bamboo shoot. Half of the top half was sliced into strands which covers a thin CCFL light tube.

bamboo floor lamp

bamboo floor lamp


‘Flow’ – Sustainable Bamboo Light Fixtures

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow was designed to provide sustainable and affordable lighting to 3rd world areas in Africa and South America. Designed by Ingendesign, Flow is a wind-powered light system made out of bamboo shoots. As the bamboo shoots get spun around by the wind, it powers a dynamo which generates electricity for a number of LED lights. Bamboo was chosen because it is a material that is inexpensive and an abundant resource in a lot of 3rd world areas.

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow bamboo wind lights


The Modern Zen Garden

Bamboo Zen garden

Orivas of LED Emotionalize has designed a modern version of a Zen garden using bamboo as inspiration. The aluminum base supports the “bamboo” which is made from translucent acrylic. Made for the garden, it can also be used indoors as a room divider.

Bamboo Zen garden


Joy Bamboo Lamps

'Joy' Bamboo Light

A 'Joy' bamboo pendant light

Here are a few bamboo lamp shades designed by Blair Lewis using bamboo and handmade paper. The shapes were inspired from traditional Chinese art shapes to ocean yachts – you can find more designs here.

Joy Bamboo Light

A 'Joy' ceiling light

Joy Bamboo Lamp

A 'Joy" bamboo lamp shade


The Bamboo House, Vietnam

This next example is not a concept bamboo lamp, but the interior design of a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The restaurant uses bamboo in many of the decorative elements, including displaying their Sake bottles.

The bamboo has not been modified much to accommodate the bottles. They have been left in their natural state, making them elegant structures. A simple cutaway has been made to house the bottles. A light has then been fitted above the cut away to showcase the bottles – creating a wall of bamboo lighting.

Photos from Tom Hisano on Behance

Bamboo House Vietnam

Bamboo House Vietnam


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