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The DIY Lace “Table” Lamp

Lace Table DIY

This DIY piece brings a whole new meaning to “table lamp”. It is an actual side table that also acts as a lamp. Lace has been glued to acrylic sheets, and the 4 acrylic sheets have been glued together, with the backside left open. The lace diffuses the light and provides a soft ambient glow in the bedroom. An elegant and ideal lighting piece for any bedroom – source.

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Lace Sculptures: Brownehsieh’s Pendant Lights

Lace Lights

In our 2 DIY Lace Lighting Projects post we highlighted the DIY project that used lace and a large ball/ balloon to create a delicate lace pendant light. The lace is wrapped around the balloon/ball and the clear drying glue is then applied to harden the lace – and then the ball or balloon is popped and removed.

Here we have a different version done by brownehsieh (site no longer available). Once again the light shades are made out of lace, but this time instead of creating a whole sphere, only a part of it is made. The finished pieces are these elegant, almost gothic like, pendant light shades.

Handmade Lace Lights

Handmade Lace Lights

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2 DIY Lace Lighting Projects: A Doily Lamp and Ceiling Lights

Combining lace with lights will make for beautiful light fixtures that will create detailed shadows. Here are two DIY projects, using lace to create a doily lamp and also to create DIY ceiling lights.

For the first DIY project on creating a lace lamp, all you will need is a jar, crochet doilies / lace, and a battery powered LED light. Follow along with the slide show below for a step by step guide in creating the lamps, created by kootoyoo.

Doily Lamp

The second project uses lace to create DIY ceiling lights. Follow the steps here on how hemp lights were created, using clear drying glue to harden the hemp twine, that was wrapped around a bouncy ball. Replace the hemp with lace to make the DIY pendant lights created by Shannon South.

DIY pendant ligth

DIY pendant light by Shannon South

Ceiling light

By Shannon South