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Lace Table DIY

The DIY Lace “Table” Lamp

This DIY piece brings a whole new meaning to “table lamp”. It is an actual side table that also acts as a lamp. Lace has been glued to acrylic sheets, and the 4 acrylic sheets have been glued together, with the backside left open. The lace diffuses the light and provides a soft ambient glow […]


Lace Sculptures: Brownehsieh’s Pendant Lights

In our 2 DIY Lace Lighting Projects post we highlighted the DIY project that used lace and a large ball/ balloon to create a delicate lace pendant light. The lace is wrapped around the balloon/ball and the clear drying glue is then applied to harden the lace – and then the ball or balloon is popped […]


2 DIY Lace Lighting Projects: A Doily Lamp and Ceiling Lights

Combining lace with lights will make for beautiful light fixtures that will create detailed shadows. Here are two DIY projects, using lace to create a doily lamp and also to create DIY ceiling lights. For the first DIY project on creating a lace lamp, all you will need is a jar, crochet doilies / lace, […]


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