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Home Lighting Guides: Deck Lighting Fixtures, Ideas and Finishing Touches

Outdoor living areas are quite popular today as families use their decks and patios to extend their living space into the backyard for entertaining, grilling or just more family fun. The deck area of today’s house becomes an extension of the interior decor of the home as deck use becomes more important to everyday family life. Whether you are building a new deck or planning on improving an existing one, you will want to pay special attention to a carefully thought out plan for deck lighting to enhance your deck.

The Importance of Outdoor Deck Lighting

Lighting not only illuminates the deck space to provide safe and well-lit use after dark, ward off intruders, but also serves as a way to carry the interior decor of the inside of your home through to your outdoor living space, making them flow together seamlessly.

A solar post cap light

A post mounted light

Outdoor lighting fixtures are available in a wide array of choices and designs that are appropriate for any budget, installation and needed ambiance. Basic deck lighting ideas include post mounted lights, post cap lights, wall sconces, recessed floor lights, stair tread lighting, outdoor lanterns, and umbrella lights. These fixtures may be hardwired by an electrician on house current with regular wattage use, be installed as LED deck lighting designs, or save money and electricity with solar deck lighting choices. It is easy to mix combinations of these different lighting sources to create the perfect solution for your needs.

A wall sconce is attached directly onto a wall

Recessed floor lighting is installed flush with the deck flooring

Constructing A Deck With Lighting

If your deck is currently or will soon be under construction, now is the time to plan and install any fixtures that need to be hardwired by an electrician.  Wires can be run up through deck posts now for post cap lights and post lights mounted higher up the sides of the post. Wall scones also can be installed now. The construction period is also a great time to install LED lighting so the low voltage transformers on which they operate can be placed out of sight. LED lighting can be added to an existing deck also where you find a way to place the transformer in a safe location.

Improving An Existing Deck

Adding decorative outdoor lighting can be a simple task with the right light fixtures. When improving an existing deck, solar lights are your best option as they do not require any wiring. These sensible light fixtures come as post caps, wall and post mounted sconces that compliment or match the post caps, and there are even solar mosquito killer light options. They enhance your deck with a soft, inviting glow.  Solar LED table top light fixtures in many decorative designs are also available for that more romantic touch.  Water proof wall mounted outdoor solar landscaping fixtures are also available that use ultra bright LED bulbs.

LED Deck Lighting

LED lights are another excellent choice for lighting your deck.  Recessed LED solar deck lights can be added in the floor of the deck to illuminate where you step without blinding you as you walk over them. These up-lighters are one of the most widely used deck fixtures and their kits come with twenty to a set, making them an economical choice.  LEDs last much longer, use significantly less energy, will not burn a bare foot, and come in solar or low wattage options.  They are also perfect for recessed lighting on stairs. Deck lighting kits for floor and step options are available for do-it-yourselfers, as well as other designer kit choices.

Led candles mimic the real thing but are easy and safe to light

An Easy Luxurious Touch

Eternity candles are great portable lights that you can store indoors and bring out when you are on the deck. With a small LED inside, they mimic the look and feel of a candle and there is no hassle in lighting it or keeping an eye on a flame. (Read here for our full article on flameless candles, from remote controlled to scented: Flameless Candles: Easy And Hassle Free Lighting With Just As Much Elegance As The Real Thing)

Finish off your deck with decorative outdoor string lights or “fairy lights” around the rail or a solar umbrella light to illuminate without attracting bugs to the table. Whether you design your lighting for safety, security, a more intimate atmosphere or a combination of any or all of these, a lighting scheme that is well planned and implemented will be an asset to the value and enjoyment of your deck and your home.