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Italian Motorcycle Lamps

Vintage Italian Motorcycle Lamps

Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi takes authentic vintage motorcycle handlebars and head lights, restores them, and turns them into one of a kind lamps. What the photos don’t show is the size of these lamps. These are not miniature versions of the motorcycle parts, they are the original parts. So they are quite big. Maurizio is based […]


Design Style Guide: Designer Italian Lighting

Italians are known for their high regard for quality in terms of manufacturing products that not only perform its function well but also speaks volumes about the Italians’ rich background in design and the arts. This can be seen in many products that come from Italy, from their suits to designer Italian lighting brands such […]

Round Italian Lighting

Italian Designer Lighting Profile: The Beluga Collection

The Beluga lighting collection is a bold but sleek range of spherical light fixtures. They are designed by Marc Sadler and made by Fabbian, an Italian designer lighting company. There are 4 collections under the Beluga name, which includes a range of different types of light fixtures that can be fitted all around the house, or in commercial […]


Grape Lights: A Decorative Restaurant Lighting Idea

When it comes to lighting a mid range restaurant, you will want to include a number of decorative light fixtures. For Greek, Italian or Wine bars, one such decorative light fixture are grape lights. These are fake grapes that have a light, usually an LED within each grape. There are a range of different versions […]

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