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Neon Vintage Recycled Lamp

Neon Vintage: Handmade Pop Color Industrial Lights

Ursula’s Etsy shop, Earth Sea Warrior, features a collection of unique handmade light fixtures. Where we have seen industrial style lighting before, we have never seen them brought to life with splashes of bright color. The neon colored cloth or net cords really make the antique light fixtures stand out. You can find Ursula’s Etsy […]

Industrial Lamp DIY

DIY Industrial Bed Side Lamp

The inspiration for this DIY lamp project by Minni came from a Cox&Cox Lamp (photo below). To replicate this industrial style lamp, a metal shade from an IKEA FAS lamp (costing around $12) was used along with teak strips, metal rods, screws, etc. which were bought from a hardware store. The base of the lamp […]


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