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6 Simple Artistic and Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Along with functional exterior lights such as driveway lighting, wall lights, deck and stair lights, there is a more decorative side to outdoor lighting. By adding a mixture of functional and decorative light fixtures an outdoor space will be filled with a variety of lighting effects making it more visually appealing. Below are 6 decorative outdoor lighting ideas. Ranging from wind powered lights to Sun Jars – these are simple ideas that can be used in any garden.

String Lights: String lights are one of the most common ways to use lighting to decorate a garden. They are more known as the green and red Christmas variety, but other colors are available. White and yellow colored outdoor string lights can provide soft year round decorative lighting. You can find versions which have glass globes or Japanese style lanterns attached to them. If you want to make it even easier to use these in your backyard, then take a look at solar powered versions – this will eliminate the need for a power source.

Floating Lights: If you have any water features outdoors, such as a swimming pool, pond or fountain, then floating solar light fixtures will work well. At night these fixtures will wash the calm moving water with glow of lighting. Some will even change color – creating outdoor mood lighting. There are upside down floating lights, that allow you to see the fishes in a pond at night. Some are shaped like water lilies.

The Firewinder is an artistic eco lighting fixture. Unlike the solar powered garden lights common today, the Firewinder is powered by wind. At night you can see the lights spinning around, synchronized with the speed of the wind. It can be hung on a tree, a wall or a post. $59.99 available from ThinkGeek.

LED Glowing Garden Pots combine the normal flower pot with lighting. These are light weight pots that come in a range of colors and have a light installed within them. One company that makes them is Rotoluxe. They have a range of different shapes and sizes with prices ranging from $150 to $200. Take a look here for our Modern Exterior Lighting Guide on Rotoluxe’s glowing pots.

Sun Jars are elegant Mason jars that are fitted with an LED light and solar cells. At night they softly glow much like, as the name suggests, a little sun. As they are waterproof, they are ideal for the outdoors, but can be placed on a windowsill indoors. A number of these spread around the garden will create a magical space. $24-28 from ThinkGeek.

Accent Lighting: The last of our outdoor lighting ideas is to use a décor piece and place lights to highlight it. For example a wall sculpture, a bird bath or a mini statue can have a light fixture directed towards it to showcase it at night. Or exterior lighting can be used to illuminate a tree or a flower bush. This helps create focal points in a garden.


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Citronella Tiki Torches: Garden Lighting and an Organic Insect Repellent

Tiki torches, because of how easily they are to install and place in a garden, are a great landscape lighting idea. When it comes to the torches there is a range to choose from, from the permanent metal (copper, steel) torches that require gas piping, to the standard bamboo torches. It is with these simple an elegant bamboo tiki torches that you can use citronella oil.

Planting Tiki Torches Into Soil Or A Bucket of Sand

Tiki torches are so easy to install compared to electrical exterior lights, all you need to do is stake them into the ground. If a patch of soil is not accessible, then simply use a bucket full of sand to plant the torches in.

The 6 Parts To A Tiki Torch

You have the (1) shaft, usually made out of bamboo that will be planted into soil or sand. There is then the top (2) encasing, weaved out of bamboo to encase the (3) fuel container. This fuel container will usually be made out of plastic or metal. On top of the container will usually be a (4) metal guard, that protects the container and encasing from the flame. There is also the (5) wick that protrudes from the fuel container. And the last part of the torch is the (6) fuel within the container. Standard kerosene can be used, but citronella oil would be a better fuel option.

The Benefits of Citronella Tiki Torches

Citronella grass, a cousin of the lemon grass

Citronella oil is harvested from citronella grass, a cousin of the lemon grass. Because it is harvested and produced from the grass, citronella oil is an organic substance. Citronella tiki torch oil will burn slowly and burn with less smoke. The burning of the citronella oil will also act as a natural, non-toxic insect repellent. For best protection against the insects it would be best to plant your citronella torches about 15 feet apart in the garden.

Costs Of The Torches and The Fuel

The common bamboo tiki torches can be bought for $5-30. They readily available at home department stores, hardware stores, or even online at Amazon. While a bottle of citronella oil for tiki torches will cost $5 to $10 per bottle.

Read here for our comprehensive guide on tiki torches, from gas fueled fixtures, to the best placement of tiki torches and fire safety: Tiki Torches: Landscape Design Guide

photo: katrina.elizabeth