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Home Lighting Ideas: From The Living Room To The Bedroom, The Kitchen To The Outdoors

This is a reference page for home lighting ideas articles here on L&L. It covers everything from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, the outdoors, the garage, and much more. The Living Room A Picture Guide To Living Room Lighting Ideas and Designs L&L Design Guide: 6 Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas The Photo Design Guide […]


L+L LOOK BOOK: Driveway Lighting Photos

Here in our LOOK BOOK, you can find inspiration for driveway lighting ideas.  Here you will find a number of images showing different ways to light a driveway and a range of different driveway lighting fixtures. Images For Driveway Lighting Ideas This driveway is lit up by the spill over from the accent lighting of […]

A Homeowners Guide To Driveway Lighting: The 3 Areas To Light and Choosing Between Low Voltage or Solar Lighting.

Outdoor driveway lighting is important for a number of reasons. Safety – proper lighting makes it easier to navigate the driveway at night avoiding hazards along the way. Exterior lighting of your home also helps deter possible intruders. There is also the curb appeal, helping increase the value of your home.  When it comes to […]

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