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DIY Retail Lighting: Mannequin Floor Lamps

DIY Mannequin Lights

ModMischief over at Instructables has written out a a tutorial on making unique clothing display lamps. These lamps are made out of dresses, shirts or any piece of clothing that has been stiffen through a solution of fabric stiffener, and fitted over a floor lamp. These are ideal for cheap retail lighting, for boutique or designer shops. Though the tutorial focuses on vintage clothing, the lamps can be made with modern clothes.

DIY Mannequin Lights

The step by step guide to creating these retail lights can be found here.

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Modern Design: LED Multi Touch Interactive Bar Top

interactive Bar Top

It seems with the explosion of multi-touch tablets like the iPad, the next place where you might be seeing this sort of thing is in bars and clubs. Places that are looking to infuse some technology into their decor, or advertisers looking for more ways to put a message across would be the ones leading interactive bar top surfaces in the near future. There seems to be 3 main components in creating an interactive LED bar counter, the multi-touch surface, the multi-touch software, and the graphics that you’d want displayed. All of which are readily available today. You just need a company to put it all together. spinTouch is one such company making interactive light up bar top surfaces.

The great thing about the concept of adding interactive led bar lighting to the contertops is that it creates a dynamic bar area, perfect for night clubs. There is also the interaction of objects, how one drink is connect to another drink via pulsating lights. The graphics will unleash bar display ideas, pathing a way for advertisers, artists, or even DJs to interact with bar goers. The lights on the display could also be hooked into the sound system so that it syncs with the music being played, much like the DIY music visualizer we posted about before.

Here are a number of videos showing different interactive bar top ideas and designs:

The Valo Multi Touch Bar Table

The spinTouch Table


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