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IKEA HACK: LED Digital Notification Desk

When it comes to things digital, this is what I like to see. The merging of the real world and digital. This is an IKEA DIY hack, using a Gallant desk. The frosted table top allows for LED lights to shine through – which come on to alert you if a new email or chat message arrives. You can find the instructions here on Instructables to make your own.

LED Desk Email Alerts

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Profile on Kozo Lamp: The Desk Collection

Industrial Desk Lamp

Kozo Lamp is a lighting company that uses industrial piping as their styling for light pieces. They hand make the lights, up cycling galvanized iron piping and parts. Each light even has a tap knob that is used to turn the light on and off. They have pendant lights, wall lights, accent lighting for shelves, and floor and table lamps. Here are some examples from their desk lamp collection.

Kozo Man Lamp

Iron Desk Lamp

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Sleek Brazilian Design: A Modern Designer Desk Lamp

Brazilian Desk Lamp

The bright and striking colors are what really makes this modern designer desk lamp stand out. Then there is that soft dented textured. The Batucada collection is a truly Brazilian infused lamp. Designed by Brunno Jahara and manufactured by Vialight.

“Batucada stands for a percussion rhythm of Brazilian carnival parties, where many instruments are made of cans or tin pots.” – Brunno Jahara

Brazilian Desk Lamp

Brazilian Desk Lamp

Each aluminum piece is hand hammered, making each lamp is unique. The Batucada collection includes purple, black, green and bronze versions of the modern desk lamp.

source: The Designer Pad

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A Sleek Wooden Lamp: The CUB

Wooden Lamp

Designed by Julian Robin and being sold by HIX, the CUB is a sophisticated and sleek looking wooden lamp. When turned off, the lamp looks like a solid block of wood. But when it is turn on, you can see a more delicate side to it. Made out of real wood and stainless steel, a light bulb inside softly glows through the thin panels of wood. Each lamp is unique as the grain and color of the wood varies from one lamp to another. Sold by HIX for 99

HIX is a French company that produces small series of contemporary designer lighting. Site and shop: HIX

Wooden Lamp

The CUB Lamp The CUB Lamps

HIX undertakes to produce small series in France and several French companies doing work.

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Luxury Lighting PROFILE 07: The LEAF Lamp

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

The LEAF lamp is a gorgeous, one of a kind lamp. Sculpted out of aluminum it resembles, as the name suggests, a leaf. The aluminum blades form a very modern and adjustable desk lamp. It is said to be one of the first lamps that allows a person to choose between warm mood lighting and a more cool light to work under.

Yves Behar designed the LEAF lamp for Herman Miller. Yves said it took 4.5 years to design and create this uniquely crafted, luxury light fixture. He needed to design both the lamp structure as well as the light bulb to get the modern luxury lighting piece he desired. His design goal with the LEAF led lamp was to create a light piece with a humanistic side.

Touch Sensitive Controls

The base of the lamp is touch sensitive, and it is here where you can control the light’s settings. As well as being able to control the color of the light (warm/cool), the touch control base controls on/off, and the level of brightness.

The LEAF’s Ground Breaking ‘Bulb’

It is in the design of the bulb that allows for the control between the warm mood lighting and the cool work light. There are 20 LEDs in the lamp: 10 LEDs are blue to offer the cool white light, and 10 LEDs are yellow which produce the warmer color of light. Because of its unique shape, LEAF uses 40% less energy than a compact fluorescent light – which is the reason, as well as its elegant design, why TIME Magazine named the LEAF lamp as one of the Best Inventions of 2007.

“LEAF is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express light’s magical and sensory variations,”

Yves Béhar

This organically shaped, luxury designer desk lamp comes in several colors to blend in with any décor. Choose between: white, black, Nickel (dark gray), polished aluminum (light gray) or red. Price: 429$. Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Yves Behar is founder of San Francisco design agency – Fuseproject. Their guiding principle is to bring a humanistic design approach to technology based products. Other notable works of Yves and Fuseproject include Jawbone, One Laptop Per Child, and a number of projects with Mini cars. http://www.fuseproject.com/

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