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Glowing Outdoor Stone Lights

These outdoor stone lights by Oluce would look great in any backyard. With such a high price tag though, I’m sure there is a better DIY alternative somewhere. Designed by Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli and Massimo Noceto and made in Italy

Available from YLighting – priced at $565.50 each.

Outdoor Stone Lights

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L&L Cool Lighting Fixtures Round Up: From Magnetic to Brazilian Hand Hammered Lamps

Here is a collection of the top cool lighting fixtures that we have featured here on Lights and Lights:

The Solar Eclipse Light

The Nissyoku lamp takes its inspiration from solar eclipses. The magic behind the lamp comes from the side panels which are held to the middle part by magnets. These side panels can be adjusted to angle the light, and also adjust the brightness –  The Magical Nissyoku Mood Lamp.

Nissyoku Mood Lamp 03 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 04

The Magnetic Crystal Light

In the world of magnetic lamps, there are a lot of cool lighting fixtures. Here is just one example from our L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs post. The Crystal Light is an 8 piece lamp that you can take apart and rearrange. The magnets inside the blocks conduct the electricity around the blocks from the base unit – so there are no wires connecting all the lights together.

The Magnetic Crystal Light

Wooden Art: The Lumitourni Lamp

The Lumitourni Lamp is a piece of art. The amount of effort that went into creating the shape is incredible. You can find out more about the light and the work it took to turn scrap pieces of wood into this sculptural light here: The Lumitourni Pendant Light: An Egg Shaped Wooden Lamp Shade.

The Lumitourni wooden shade

The Zhu Guang Bamboo Floor Lamp

The Zhu Guang acts as décor during the day, and at night it lights up. Made from a single shoot of bamboo, it houses a thin CCFL light tube. For more bamboo light fixtures have a look at our post here: L&L LOOK BOOK: Creative Bamboo Lamps and Lighting Designs.

bamboo floor lamp bamboo floor lamp

The Beluga Lighting Collection

Designed by Marc Sadler, the Beluga lights are bold yet sleek lighting fixtures – Italian Designer Lighting Profile: The Beluga Collection.

the Beluga White designer lighting collection

Beluga Steel Designer Lighting

The Batucada Collection

From Italy we now go to Brazil to see the Batucada lighting collection. “Batucada stands for a percussion rhythm of Brazilian carnival parties, where many instruments are made of cans or tin pots.” – Brunno Jahara. Each piece is a one of a kind as they are hand hammered – Sleek Brazilian Design: A Modern Designer Desk Lamp.

designer desk lamp

Kozo Desk Lamps

Made from reused industrial piping, the Kozo desk lamps have a lifelike feel to them. Each lamp is turned on and off via the tap knob – Profile on Kozo Lamp: The Desk Collection.

Kozo desk lamp monk Kozo Lamp: Kozo Man

DIY Ribbon Light

Using scrap felt and 50 LED lights, Sara Bergano and Giusy Arciresi created this amazing lighting fixture. It is flexible so it can be turned into a desk lamp, or wall feature – DIY Flexible Light Ribbon Using Reused Materials and LEDs.

DIY light


Design Style Guide: Designer Italian Lighting

Italians are known for their high regard for quality in terms of manufacturing products that not only perform its function well but also speaks volumes about the Italians’ rich background in design and the arts. This can be seen in many products that come from Italy, from their suits to designer Italian lighting brands such as Foscarini or Axolight. People attribute this sense of style to the renaissance period which is believed to have started in Italy. This art movement inspired people to tap their creative minds and come up with creations that can truly make a change in the world. Art become highly regarded during that period.

Designer Italian Lighting

It comes as no surprise that Italians can create impressively stunning pieces of art that not only includes paintings, sculptures and the like, but also in other in other disciplines such as industrial design. Italian light fixtures in particular, are the most sought-after pieces for well designed residential and commercial spaces. From Italian wall lights, floor lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, the Italians can create pieces with grace and finesse.

One fine example is the Murano Chandelier, which rose to prominence as the Italians made use of hand-blown glass for the dangling, sparkling pieces of the chandelier. Even to this day, the underlying principles in crafting objects with Murano glass is still in effect, if not improved with more complex designs and varieties.

murano chandelier

Many brands have emerged in the past few decades, continuing the long-standing tradition of designer Italian lighting. Foscarini and Axolight are just two of the many companies that continue the design sensibilities of the Italians in the early 1900s. These popular Italian lighting designer brands not only continue what the makers from the past have perfected so well, but have also come to realize the importance of emerging technology and integration of these two to form unique lighting techniques.

Modern Italian Lighting

Foscarini Lighting Fixtures

Foscarini Italian Desk Light

Foscarini Italian pendant lights



The Axolight SubZero Collection

Axolight Italian Ceiling Lights

There is a wide range of Italian designer lighting brands that can be bought online at shops such as ylighting.com or lampsplus.com.

chandelier photo: jenza

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3 Designer Lighting Profiles: Shadow Projectors


3 Designer Lighting Profiles: Shadow Projectors

The 3 lighting designers highlighted below have created enchanting light pieces. They are designed to light up a room with a range of different shadows. They can be used in homes for decorative lighting – however they would be more suited for retail spaces or restaurant lighting.

The Rontonton

The Rontonton is a Morrocan inspired light shade which can be used as pendant, table or floor lighting. 3 different designs make up the panels of the shade, casting an array of shadows. It was designed by Edward van Vilet for Quasar, a Dutch lighting manufacturer who produces designer light pieces.  The Rontonton comes in 2 different sizes and the powdered coated steel comes in orange, black, or white.

Dealers for Quasar lights can be found in the USA, Singapore, UAE, Denmark, plus a number of other countries. Studio Dekor is a New York based dealer who can be contacted here.

The Rontonton designer light

The Rontonton designer light

Dahlia Petal Light

With a soft glow, the Dahlia light looks like it is living and breathing. The light softly illuminates the petals, and gives off subtle shadows. The light can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling. Either way, the Dahlia will defiantly create a focal point in a room, much like a chandelier would do. Designed by Janne Kyttänen and available from Freedom of Creation for €1930.25.

The Dhalia by lighting designer Janne Kyttänen

The Dhalia by lighting designer Janne Kyttänen


Lumen is a collection of oil lamp shadow projectors. Create by Adam Frank, there are 6 different designs which can bought at adamfrank.com for $48.

Lumen by Adam Frank

Lumen by Adam Frank