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Modern French Cafe Interior Design

Interior Design Showcase – A French Café and Restaurant

For this interior design showcase I will be taking a look at La Corde a Linge, a French café and restaurant located in La Petite France, Stasbourg. The restaurant has a nice rustic feel to it, with the treated exposed wooden beams, tables and bar area, along with the choice of lighting fixtures. The space […]


L&L Guide To Tropical Lighting and Home Décor Ideas

The best place to look for tropical lighting and décor inspiration is over on the island of Bali. Traditional Balinese homes follow the main design principle of bringing the outdoors indoors. So you see a lot of wide open indoor spaces, with large windows that open out to the outdoors. This principle can also be […]


3 Designer Lighting Profiles: Shadow Projectors

The 3 lighting designers highlighted below have created enchanting light pieces. They are designed to light up a room with a range of different shadows. They can be used in homes for decorative lighting – however they would be more suited for retail spaces or restaurant lighting. The Rontonton The Rontonton is a Morrocan inspired light […]


Foyer Lighting Ideas and Design Planning Guide

The exterior of your home is one of the most important areas to home lighting design as this is the first thing you see when you come home, and where first impressions are made. The foyer or entryway sets the first impression of the interior of your home, making foyer lighting an important part of […]

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