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Chalkboard Light DIY

The DIY Chalkboard LED Pendant Light

This Chalkboard light has been sold on Etsy (shop now unavailable) but can be made at home using the materials listed on the sales page. It was made out of an old planter pot. The outside was painted with chalkboard paint, and the inside was painted in silver to reflect the light. A hole was made […]

DIY Coffee Filter Light

It’s so FLUFFY! DIY Coffee Filter Lantern

Nichole of Parlour has created this HUGE coffee filter lantern using a 38” paper lantern and 1200 coffee filters. She simply hot glued the filters onto the lantern and it’s so FLUFFY!! So it is not a difficult project, just a very time consuming one (it sounds like it took her 8-10 hours to glue all […]

Milk Glass Light

The Motion Sensing Milk Lamp by Locomolife

Here is a creative lamp idea: a lamp made to look like a glass of milk and has a motion sensor used to turn it on or off. The LED Milk Lamp by Locomolife lights up when it is placed upright and you can easily turn it off by tilting it or turning it upside […]


Creative & Cool Candles: From Projectors to Votive Candle Holders

Here are a range of cool candles and unique votive candle holders. The Bravit Molecular Candle The Bravit is designed by Christoph van Bommel. The wax base is relatively thin and the one wick spreads out to form molecular structures allowing the candle to burn with 5 flames at a time. Is it chaos, beauty, […]


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