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Remodeling Cost Guide: How Much To Install Recessed Lighting

If you are thinking about installing new light fixtures anywhere in your home, you are probably wondering about the detailed expenses and how much to install recessed lighting fixtures? There are a number of things that will affect the cost: from where you house is located, to the type of ceiling you want the recessed lights fitted into.

recessed lighting in a living room

The national average cost to install recessed lighting professionally into existing drywall is about $162 per light. This may vary quite a bit, however, depending on where you live as electrical work gets pricier based on your location. In larger cities, that $162 may rise to anywhere from $175 to $250. Smaller cities and suburbs may receive reduced quotes in the $130 to $150 range. Having to wire a new electrical line to power the recessed lighting will also drive the cost up some. If you are more the hands-on DIY type, it will likely take you at least double the amount of time it would take a professional electrician, but it will only cost you about $40 a piece.

The Break Down To The Cost of Installing Recessed Lighting

Basic fixtures themselves are pretty inexpensive. Standard six-inch cans will run you less than $10 apiece. Specialty sizes cost a little more and so do low voltage alternatives. Trims are fitted around the hole in the ceiling, and will cost around $10 to $30 for each light. Whether your ceiling can be accessed from above also plays into the total cost. Remodel cans, which allow installation without tearing down the ceiling even if there is no above access, are more expensive at $20+.

The largest part of the cost comes down to electrical wiring and hiring an electrician to do it. The area in your house where you wish to have the lights installed must be evaluated and will heavily impact the recessed lighting cost and expenses. Remodeling a pre-existing light fixture or a very nearby electrical line makes the job much easier (perhaps even easy enough to do yourself if you have some electrical know-how and the right tools) and will keep the price down. If it is going to be necessary to add a new electrical line, it is best to hire an electrician if you are not experienced on a professional level. Also, remodeling older structures costs more than work on newer structures due to fishing of wires and potential complications.

recessed lighting

So there are a number of factors that will determine the recessed lighting installation cost. It will be based on the location of your house as electrician prices vary in different areas, the type of ceiling you are installing the lights into, the existing wiring layout, and the quality of the light fixtures you buy.

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Guide To Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting Guide

Nothing sets the tone and mood of a wedding like lighting does. Wedding lighting is especially important for evening and night weddings, outdoor weddings, and for venues such as banquet halls that don’t have windows.

Lighting can play a role in decorating the space, provide unique centerpiece ideas, and most importantly, lighting will create the mood that you want. Do you want a grand ballroom type wedding? Then uplights and monogram lighting will be needed. Want a more intimate wedding? Then use candle centerpieces and gobo lighting.

Lighting will impact how the other decorations in the space will look, the flowers, tables, even the guests will look different under different types of lights. Being such an important part of the wedding, lighting can’t just be left up to the venue staff to sort out. Most banquet halls will have standard lighting that works for conferences and meetings – you’ll need to go one step further to get the right lighting that suits your wedding style.

The cost of wedding lighting wildly varies, from hiring a professional lighting designer, to understanding the basics of wedding lighting so you can plan and rent out your own lights, or going all out and making your own DIY wedding lights. Everything you’ll need to know about wedding lighting is in the links below. For anything else you’d like to know about decorating with lights for a wedding, drop us an email – L&L.

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