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Christmas Lighting Displays Across The Globe

Recently I posted about the magnificent light display that the Botanical Gardens in Japan put up. Here I have found more photos of Christmas lighting displays from cities like London, Macau, and Copenhagen.


Copenhagen Christmas Lights

Christmas decorations and lighting in Copenhagen

Germany London Christmas Lights

Street views of Germany and London

Macau Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in Macau

Naples Florida Christmas Lights

A Christmas tree in Naples, Florida

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Japanese Botanical Gardens a Night Time Winter Wonderland

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 01

With the long stretches of darkness and the cold weather, Nabana no Sato Botanical Gardens in Japan went ahead and brightened the winter nights by installing millions of customized LED lights. Each LED light is incased within a botanical inspired bulb – resembling origami pieces. The result is a dazzling pathway of lights. This light display will go on through Christmas all the way until March 2013. – via Inhabitat

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 02

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 03

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 04

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