LED Aquarium Lighting – The Perfect Lighting For All Aquatic Animals

LED aquarium lighting is designed specifically for fish aquariums. Fish aquariums require lighting that is efficient, while still being affordable. LED lights burn cooler than fluorescent lights and they are manufactured to enhance aquariums of any size.

LED aquarium lighting fixtures are easily purchased on the internet. These fixtures are pre-assembled. Although this type of lighting fixture is sold at a higher fee, many individuals realize the value of purchasing pre-assembled products. LED lights burn more vividly than fluorescent tubes, while not burning as hot. Longevity is another plus. LED light bulbs are manufactured to last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of use. Compared to a fluorescent bulb that is designed to last only 8,000 to 20,000 hours.

An LED aquarium lighting system is perfectly suited for fish aquariums. Especially, when used for a reef aquarium. Reef aquariums require certain lighting conditions, to help maintain the health of both fish and coral. It is very important to maintain optimal temperature, in all reef aquariums. This has never been easier than with LED lights. An LED light makes it possible to achieve to a specific color spectrum. This is highly desired for enhancing the colors of corals, invertebrates, and fish. Aquatic fish, corals and invertebrates are costly to purchase. To help ensure your investment is protected, you should take every precaution to maintain the correct water temperature and light values.

These systems are capable of imitating the natural phases of light, just like the sun and the moon. This allows aquatic animals to respond more naturally, both in color, and in routine. Soft corals are well suited to fluorescent light, as they do not require strong light to grow well. On the other hand, hard corals have required metal halides to perform their best. LEDs will outperform metal halides, as being more economical, while supplying the same, if not better light output.

photo: calwhiz LED aquarium lighting fixtures may contain LED lights only or, in some cases, a mixture of lights. Metal halide, compact fluorescent, and T5 lights are commonly combined with LED light. In some cases, these lights will support fish only, or coral. Moon LED lights are designed to resemble moonlight and also provide beautiful accent lighting, as well.

With a little research, anyone can learn how to build, and install LED lights. A lighted aquarium is very beautiful, and a DIY aquarium moon lighting system can be made quite easily. These systems are very economical as LED lights are designed to last through many years of use. From the simplest of devices, requiring only LED Christmas tree lights, and a piece of foam; to designs that are more intricate, many different plans can be found easily when searching online. With a piece of scrap foam cut roughly to the size of your fish tank, you can design your very own lighting system. Drill holes in two rows, spaced evenly, and then, push an LED Christmas light through each hole. Although rudimentary, it does get the job done.

Prices are moderate, with many light fixtures selling for under $400. One such example; is the Acan, LED Aquarium Light. This standard light consumes only 40 watts of power, making it very efficient. This system has an advanced design that does not require a cooling fan; this makes it very desirable among aquarium enthusiasts. The icing on the cake is the ability to program, individually, the white, blue and moon phases of light, for a completely, customized lighting system.

Aquariums are more popular than ever; especially, in the last decade. Hobbyists and avid fish collectors realize the value of having efficient and effective lighting. The added benefit of stabilizing water temperature and encouraging growth is also a plus. Luckily for consumers today, there have never been more selections available; especially, when shopping online. In only a matter of a few minutes time, literally hundreds of selections can be seen easily.

LED aquarium lighting will likely be the most important feature of any tank. Choosing the fish, coral or invertebrates to place inside your tank will be an important decision, as well. By supplying adequate light, during the day, and during the night, your aquatic animals will have a longer, healthier life span.

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