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Restaurant Lighting | VISITS 02

This visit was to a restaurant that also had a lounge section for people to sit comfortably in large cushioned seating with soft lighting.


A ceiling light with 10 light fixtures has been modified and fixed to it a range of 10 different shaped and colored lanterns. This light provided soft lighting in the lounge area of the restaurant.

A close up of the lanterns lighting up the lounge

Orange glassed wall sconces added to the lanterns ambient lighting of the restaurant’s lounge

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Restaurant Lighting | VISITS 01

These are images taken at a Pizza Hut. They have used accent lighting in a number of areas. Each time the accent lighting has been used for different purposes: one to highlight an art piece and the other time to provide soft lighting for the restaurant’s booths.

Accent Lighting: They have a number of lighting fixtures pointing towards a wall mural of fresh ingredients. This creates a focal point within the restaurant and highlights a message of theirs.

Here they have once again used accent lighting to light up a wall of fabric. This time though, the light is used to bounce off of the wall to provide soft lighting for the booth.

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