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L&L Decoration Guide: Paper Lantern Chandelier Ideas

Paper lanterns are a great choice for event lighting as they are lightweight (which means they can be hung in tents, or from any overhead structure) and soft, gentle light fixtures that create an enchanting setting. They can also be used at home. Here are a few quick and simple ideas on how to create your own paper lantern chandelier:

Paper Lantern Chandeliers

paper lantern chandelier

A paper lanterns arranged at different heights to create a chandelier (and only one light hangs down in the middle of the lanterns).

Experiment with different colors and different sizes of lanterns – try two colors like white and pink or white and blue.

Want to create a unique look? Then get some fabric dye, a bucket, and dip dye those paper lanterns. Here is a tutorial on how to do them with lamps shades, which can be adapted to paper lanterns.

Try arranging the lanterns at various heights to give a more dynamic look.

You can either put a light in each lantern, or an easier way is to have one bright light hang down in the middle of the paper lantern chandelier, which will create a nice soft glow in all of the lanterns.

image credits: Christine Lee, Tracy Hunter


DIY Paper Lanterns: Our 5 Favorite Posts

Paper lanterns are great for DIY lighting projects because they are so lightweight and inexpensive. Here is a quick round up of our top posts on DIY paper lanterns (with an added bonus at the end). First up is the fluffy lantern: a huge 38” paper lantern that had 1200 coffee filters hot glued on it – coffee filter lantern.

coffee filter lantern

It’s so FLUFFY! DIY Coffee Filter Lantern

The paper punch flower lantern:

flower punch paper lantern

Paper Punch + Paper Lantern = Flower Light

Using vintage maps to create a unique DIY paper lantern for a nursery light:

Creative Vintage Map Paper Lantern

A Simple DIY Idea: The Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Another time consuming paper lantern DIY project, but the end result looks absolutely stunning – Paper Fortune Teller Lights:

fortune teller lamp

DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights

Bonus: We’ve highlighted the DIY project of dip dying lamp shades into fabric dye to create your own colorful lamp shades. Well this same process can be used to create dip dyed paper lanterns!

dip dye lamp

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