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Modern Alchemy Luxury Candles

Modern Alchemy Luxury Candle Designs: Packaging Showcase

These perfumed candles by Modern Alchemy have some of the best packaging design for any candles I’ve seen. The luxury packing, designed by Dustin Arnold, resembles the packaging you would get for perfume bottles – even better than most.. The collection I am featuring here includes 3 or 1 wick votive candles, which come in […]


L&L Design Guide: Modern Lighting Ideas and Styles – From New Age Mood Lamps to Fiber Optics

Fusing lights with technology, reintroducing fiber optics, using motion sensors and color changing LEDs, are a few of the modern lighting ideas we can see around today. Here we have highlighted some of the best ideas and styles we have found. Sensing Your Motion Motion sensor lights help save on wasted energy. Before they were […]


L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs

Welcome to the wacky world of magnet lighting. Floating lamps, shape shifting lights, levitating on/off switches – they are all here. You’ll be able to see a range of magnet lamp designs, some are conceptual so they are not for sale, some are real and can be bought (most at high prices), and there is […]

Luxury LED Faucet

Luxury Faucets: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

In a previous post we highlighted the AMETIS Shower Column by Graff (luxury showers). Another piece in the collection is a hollowed brass bar, merged with LED lights, to produce a luxury faucet. Once again, Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi takes the fluid form of water as inspiration in crafting this piece. Have a look at […]

Luxury LED Shower

Luxury Showers: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

Merging high tech with high end design, the new AMETIS collection by Graff brings elegance and luxury to the bathroom. One of the pieces in the AMETIS collection is the Shower Column. A beautifully crafted, hollowed brass sculpture blended together with LED bathroom lighting – designed by Davide Oppizzi. The fluid design of the shower […]


L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas

Cove lighting provides sophisticated indirect lighting. It is used for general ambient lighting as well as accent lighting. The light bounces off of the walls and the ceiling, creating even lighting across a room. It makes a space feel larger, taller, and wider, while giving it a contemporary look. There are a number of cove […]


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