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Home Garage Lighting Ideas: A Photo Guide To Fixtures, Layout and Design

A garage can be a dark and dull place without the right kind of lighting. There are a number of garage lighting ideas available, though florescent light strips would be the only suggested route to go down. Additional lights can work alongside these florescent strips such as work and decorative light fixtures. There are also ways to make a garage less sterile looking while still using these florescent strip lights. We go over all of this below, along with a lot of photos so you can get a good idea of how the lights will work in your garage.

Garage Design Tip: Avoid Using Just One Light

A garage tends to be a large space. As you can see in the two photos below, a single light in the middle of the garage doesn’t light up the large space well:

single garage lighting

One light bulb in the middle of the ceiling isn't enough lighting for a garage space

bad garage lighting

Avoid using one central ceiling light in a garage

In the examples below, the best looking garages are the ones that use a number of different garage lighting fixtures and techniques.

The Best Home Garage Lighting Solution: Florescent Light Strips

If you want the best garage lighting design, then use florescent light strips. There are a number of benefits to using them. They easily light up a large space, are energy efficient, with the right ballast will work in cold weathers, and if you have a work shop and use paints – florescent lights show true colors.

There are a variety of florescent light strips – you have the T4, T5, T8 and the T12. The numbers represent the different widths in diameter. They produce different amounts of light, so choosing between them is based on how much space is in your garage. If you have a garage that gets cold, below 50 degrees F, you’ll want to avoid T12s and instead use the T8s – and use an electronic ballast rather than an electromagnetic one.

If you have a high ceiling or want to install these lights over a work space, then you can find light fittings that come with a chain so you can hang the lights lower down from the ceiling.

garage shop lights

Florescent shop lights

LumaLinks is a company that provides garage lighting fixtures. Their lighting system allows you to tap into an existing light outlet in the ceiling. You can easily expand and tailor your garage lighting layout to your space without additional wiring.  

Lumalinks Garage Lighting

Lumalinks: simple to install, garage florescent lighting

  • Photograph Examples of Garage Fluorescent Lighting
garage lighting

Garage florescent lighting


A man in a garage lit by overhead florescent lights

garage lighting

Two 8 foot high output florescent lights lighting up this garage

florescent garage lights

A garage using a series of florescent lights and window lighting

florescent garage light

garage lighting



The florescent garage lights in the picture on the left can be bought on Amazon here.



  • Painting The Walls

Even with bright florescent lights, the garage in the picture below looks dark and dull:

dark garage

A dim and dark garage

Painting the wall a light color (white) will help make the space brighter. Or you can paint the walls cream or off white for a less sterile look:

garage lighting design

Painting the walls a light color brightens and softens a garage with florescent lights

You can always add florescent light covers to diffuse the lighting, reducing the glare from the light strips.

Garage Lighting Solutions For Work Areas

If you have any work areas in your garage, you will want to have specific lights focused on those areas. Ceiling lights will either not reach the work areas or will cast shadows making it difficult to work. One option mentioned earlier was to use florescent shop lights that are low hanging.

Another option is to use florescent pendant lights, in addition to the florescent light strips as seen in the photo below:

garage design

A garage using pendant lights above a work station, as well as florescent strip lights for general lighting

Under cabinet lighting can also provide light for work stations:

under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is another way of lighting work stations

Natural Lighting

Having windows will bring in natural light during the day. These windows can be installed in the walls or there are garage doors that have small windows fitted in them. Here are some examples of garages using windows to bring in natural light:

garage windows

The tall windows bring in a lot of natural lighting into this garage during the day

garage windows

The windows in the garage door fill the space with natural lighting, while the florescent ceiling lights are used at night

Reasons not to use windows:

  • They have poor insulation, making a garage space colder or warmer
  • If your garage faces direct and intense sunlight, the UV rays could affect chemicals you store in the garage (paint, cleaners, etc.)

Easy and Cozy Home Garage Lighting

There is always the option to use string lights, globe lights and floor lamps to light a garage. These are for more cozy, hangout type garages:

garage hangout

A garage hangout using string lights and lamps

Decorative Lighting

And our last garage lighting idea is: neon signs. They make for great decorative garage lighting fixtures:

neon signs

Neon signs make for decorative light fixtures in a home garage


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Decorative And Efficient Basement Lighting Ideas

With the proper lighting, a basement can be much more than just a large gloomy storage room. Unique basement lighting ideas can transform this underappreciated area of your house into a dynamic and loved addition to your home.

Using Natural Lighting To Light Up a Basement

Glass doors and, if possible, enlarged windows will help you make the most of any natural lighting your basement already receives. They are more expensive to install, but it will decrease your need for artificial lighting in your overall basement lighting layout and, therefore, help you save money on both fixtures and the electricity bill in the long run.

Making A Basement Feel Larger

Basements often have a dim cave-like feel and the generally low ceilings are a major contributor to this atmosphere. Make use of indirect up-lighting and strategically placed mirrors. This will project splashes of light on the ceiling and walls, visually opening up the space and making the room appear much larger and taller than it actually is. For floor lighting ideas like up-lighting have a look at our post here: Floor Lighting Ideas: Taking Your Interior Design To The Next Level

Versatile Basement Lighting Design With Track and Recessed Lights

Basement Lighting

Track and recessed lighting are both fairly inexpensive and create a soft ambiance that is perfect for a variety of potential room usage purposes. Track lighting should be used for higher ceilings and recessed lighting for lower ones. These types can sufficiently light the room to be used on rainy days or during the winter months. Install a dimmer and you have the ultimate home theater lighting setup.

track lighting

track lights are easy to re-position if you ever decide to rearrange the furniture in the basement

Track lighting is very versatile. It does not take up any valuable floor or wall space. Perhaps one of its greatest advantages is that any time you decide to rearrange your basement furniture, all you have to do is change the positioning of the individual lights and, voila, your lighting is still perfectly arranged for your room without having to do any reinstalling.

Other Types of Lighting Ideas to Consider:

Areas To Take Note Of

Always be sure to include adequate illumination directly above any bookcase, desk, reading, study, or work space in your basement lighting design. Directional lights or surface-mounted spotlights are great for this purpose as well as for highlighting particular decorative or architectural elements. Compact fluorescent ceiling lights can be used for such needs as they are very energy efficient and provide optimal color balance for ideal vision.

Grow lamps and full spectrum lights simulate natural light pretty well. These are great for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder in areas that experience long harsh winters and less sunlight throughout the year as compared with others.

image credits: A&A Design Build Remodeling, Inc, sparktography


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Design Guide: Home Office Lighting Ideas

There are a number of home office lighting ideas to choose from. Determining what light fixtures to use will be based on what sort of work is being done in your home office. Detail orientated, mechanical jobs will require more task lighting. These lights will need to be colder (whiter) in color, so that you can see the true color of objects, prints, paints, etc. Whereas more computer or paper based work will need more localized general home office lighting. These light fixtures will be warmer in color, creating a more comfortable ambiance.

Adding some mood lighting can help in creating a more relaxing environment to do creative thinking. So depending on the type of work you do (from mechanical to creative led), and your home office layout, you will want to incorporate a number of different home office lighting ideas to provide the right combination of either cold work lights or warm ambient lighting.

Home Office Ceiling Lights

Recessed lighting  is a modern style of lighting that provides general ambient lighting.

Track lighting provides focused light to one area, ideal for localized task lighting over a desk or work counter. One of the great things of a lighting tack is that it can be made to use only one ceiling light outlet, making it relatively easy to install a track in your home office.

An example of track lighting in a home office

Pendant lights bring light closer down to work surfaces

Pendant lights are another way of adding task lighting to a home office. A pendant light brings the light closer down to the surface (desks, worktops, etc) making it easier to see the work you are doing. Plug in pendant lights, such as the one shown here from Home Decorators Collection, allow you to easily add a pendant light to a room. No electrical work is necessary as they plug straight into a standard light socket.

Florescent strips, though very cold in color and can create a sterile looking space, are great for more mechanical home offices. The bright white light brings clarity in the colors, objects, and tools, that you deal with.


The Most Important Piece of Home Office Furniture

The Anglepoise desk lamp is the most versatile desk lamp

A desk lamp will be one of the most important pieces in your home office. Most people will be working on a computer and with paper work, so a flexible and high quality desk light is essential to high levels of productivity. Therefore it is recommended to look into adjustable table lamps, as they can be maneuvered to your liking.

1. Anglepoise / Balanced arm / Swing arm desk lamp: This is the desk lamp. It has many names (designed after the anatomy of an arm), but this desk lamp is a versatile light fixture. It can be adjusted to shine light at any angle.  You can find an Anglepoise desk lamp with a base or to save table space, there are versions with a clamp that you can attach to the edge of your desk.

The LEAF lamp – a luxurious desk light

2. The LEAF Lamp is an elegantly styled and modern desk light. It holds 20 LEDs, 10 are blue and 10 are yellow. This combination of LEDs allows you to use its touch control base to adjust the gradient of light: cold work light or yellow ambient lighting. Named by TIME Magazine’s as “Best Invention of 2007” for its beautiful design and energy efficiency – the LEAF lamp is a luxurious addition modern home office furniture. Costing $429.

3. Bending Neck: These are smaller and less versatile than the other desk lights, but are cheaper and take up less space.

A bending neck lamp

Floor lamps are suitable for a home office layout which has enough floor space.

Adding Mood Lighting

The Yantouch Jellyfish looks like large, rounder iPad. With a gesture control touch pad, it is the most advanced and modern mood light. From the touch pad you can control the color of the light it shines, the brightness, saturation, and speed at which the colors change (if you want them too).  Prices range from $79 to $189.

A solar powered jar light

A SunJar is a decorative solar light that you can place at your windowsill. At night, after it has collected the suns energy during the day, it will glow like a sun has been captured in the elegant Mason jar.

Decorating A Home Office With Different Lighting Styles

 There are a wide range of light fixtures styles, that can be used to suit different home office decorating ideas.  

You have Mission lighting which suit regal, traditional home office décor styles.

– You can add color to a space with traditional Tiffany lighting

– Feel like creating an exotic space to work in? Japanese or Moroccan lighting

– Then there are the clean and simple contemporary lighting fixtures

Home Office Lighting Tips

Accent Lighting: If you have any art pieces, collections, memorabilia, or a proud book collection, then you can add lighting to highlight these areas. Some options include: cabinet lighting, downlighting or uplights.

A Cozy Work Environment: Lighting can play a role if you want to create a cozy, intimate space. You will want to avoid lighting the ceiling. Bring light down with pendant lighting, table and floor lamps.

Formal and Large Space: Adding a mirror to the room, light the ceiling (with wall washers or uplights) and lighting all corners of the room will create the illusion that the space is larger.

Natural lighting Ideas: Natural lighting is the best type of lighting to use during the day. Windows are essential for a positive work environment and natural lighting. You can use blinds to control the amount of light (and heat) coming through during different times of the day.  A skylight, though a major undertaking, will  wash your home office with a warm glow of light.

Home Office Design Pictures

photo credits