Restaurant Lighting Gallery

Restaurant Lighting Photos For Design Inspiration 

The key to creating elegant restaurant lighting is to use a number of different light fixtures to create a range of diffferent lighting effects

photo: sorropolis

Chinese lanterns are a staple lighting fixture at a chinese restaurant

photo: Noranna

Another take on lantern lighting, this time from a Thai restaurant

photo: Suzie T

A thai restaurant using paper umbrellas to hide the lighting fixtures

photo: Suzie T

Lantern Lights: Simple restaurant lighting fixtures

photo: cherrypatter

A unique lighting fixture in a restaurant. Using glass bottles to diffuse the light.

photo: alternatePhotography

Simple and basic lighting at an IKEA restaurant

photo: carlosoliveirareis

Using a large number of low lighting fixtures to create a display on the ceiling

photo: Geoff S.

Using a number of lighting fixtures under the pitched roof creates a focal point within the restaurant, here are Zest Restaurant - Marriott Vacation Club, Thailand

photo: Dennis Wong

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