The Importance of a Light Bulb: Home Security Lighting

Can a single light bulb fight crime?  Diana Lowery, a councilwoman of Stockton California, is campaigning that residents have a light bulb near their front door that is left on during the whole night. The campaign goes the extra mile by enlisting corporate donors (Siemens and Pacific Gas and Electric), which allows for the residents to pick up a free energy efficient light bulb to use as outside security lights for a house.

Stockton California

The campaign was started due to record levels of crime due to a poor economy. 55 people have been killed in Stockton this year. This idea allows residents to play an active part in fighting crime. Though it won’t solve the problem, Diana believes it will only help the cause. Running one of these bulbs by the front door will cost residents a mere $12.46 per year, a small price to pay for an increase in safety. The Interim Police Chief backs this idea, as streets that have exterior security lighting will deter crooks – hence the slogan “Light up the night, Crime hates the night”.


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L&L Design Guide: 6 DIY Lamp Ideas and Projects

Looking for some inspiration for DIY lamp ideas? Here we have some of the best looking and creative projects, that are relatively simply to do. From using Lego bricks, to old camera film, here are 6 ideas to try out for your next project.



Wine Bottle Lamps

diy wine bottle lamp

The first DIY lamp project only needs string lights and a wine bottle. The string lights are simply threaded into the wine bottle through a hole near the base. The great thing with this project is that using different wine bottles will give you unique lamp shapes, colors and styles. In order to make a hole in the wine bottle you’ll need a drill with a glass drill bit, which is inexpensive and easily available at hardware stores. For the full tutorial on creating a DIY wine bottle lamp head over to Wit & Whistle

Camera Film Lamp

diy film lamp idea

Claire of used a $6.99 Ikea lamp and stuck black and white negative film onto the glass shade. The result is a stunning DIY lamp. What makes this lamp so special are the images – they can be tailored to a holiday, group of friends – anything. Check out her step by step tutorial on this simple but amazing DIY lamp idea here at Poopscape

Mason Jar Solar Lamp

A DIY Sun Jar

We’ve highlighted the SunJar before, which are Mason jar solar lights costing around $25.  If you want to go about it yourself, here is a tutorial on how to create a diy sun jar replica ( There are quite a number of different parts and steps, but you’ll get the flexibility of choosing different styles of jars or even vases.

DIY Lego  Lamps

Lego lamps

All you’ll need here are transparent Lego blocks and an LED light (as they will give off less heat and won’t melt the plastic). There are no instructions on this one. The photos shown here are from a shop called that no longer sells a kit of blocks and light. The other photo is from Tzuwei Tai, a designer who went out and made his own blocks. There is a range of transparent Lego blocks available from Amazon here, which you can use to put together your own DIY Lego lamp shade.

LED Lamps: Music Box or 3D Display


On another post we highlighted a DIY LED music visualizer lamp, which is a lamp that pulsates with music that is plugged into it. This DIY project takes the LED box lamp, and adds the element of syncing music. The tutorial can be found here.

Or another LED DIY lamp idea is to create or buy an 8x8x8 LED cube. These lamps can also be programmed to display 3D images. A tutorial on how to make and program your own 3D LED cube can be found here.


Clean and Simple Birch Veneer Wooden Lamp

DIY Birch Veneer Lamp

Here is a simple, elegant, minimalist looking lamp. The parts used to form it are acrylic, birch veneer and an Ikea LED strip. While the tools needed to make it are: a heat gun to heat and bend the acrylic, a glue gun and an iron to stick the birch to the acrylic. As of writing, the webpage where the tutorial is hosted is not up and running:

So there you have it, 6 DIY lamp ideas. Enjoy, and please share any other ideas you have – L&L

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The Importance of a Light Bulb: Energizer Partners with One Million Lights

A great example of a corporate social responsibility case study is seeing Energizer partnering with One Million Lights, a charity that seeks to “improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting.” In a global population of around 7 billion people, 1.6 billion live without electricity. Instead, kerosene lamps which produce toxic fumes are used to light up their nights. Light is essential for kids to study, for a mother to give birth at night, or for families to do chores and jobs. One light bulb could change a family’s livelihood.

social responsibility case studySo Energizer is donating 11 million hours of solar lighting to communities living without electricity in Latin America, Philippines, Kenya and Ethiopia. These solar lights will provide free and healthy lighting. To raise awareness for this cause they are hosting Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World – a number of night races across the world. A charitable case study | advertising without borders.


For more information:


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Guide To Wedding Lighting

Nothing sets the tone and mood of a wedding like lighting does. Wedding lighting is especially important for evening and night weddings, outdoor weddings, and for venues such as banquet halls that don’t have windows.

Lighting can play a role in decorating the space, provide unique centerpiece ideas, and most importantly, lighting will create the mood that you want. Do you want a grand ballroom type wedding? Then uplights and monogram lighting will be needed. Want a more intimate wedding? Then use candle centerpieces and gobo lighting.

wedding lighting

Lighting will impact how the other decorations in the space will look, the flowers, tables, even the guests will look different under different types of lights. Being such an important part of the wedding, lighting can’t just be left up to the venue staff to sort out. Most banquet halls will have standard lighting that works for conferences and meetings – you’ll need to go one step further to get the right lighting that suits your wedding style.

The cost of wedding lighting wildly varies, from hiring a professional lighting designer, to understanding the basics of wedding lighting so you can plan and rent out your own lights, or going all out and making your own DIY wedding lights. Everything you’ll need to know about wedding lighting is in the links below. For anything else you’d like to know about decorating with lights for a wedding, drop us an email – L&L.


L&L’s Guide To Wedding Lighting

Basic Overall Guide to Wedding Lighting Ideas
Simple Wedding Lighting Ideas to Create a Beautiful and Romantic Setting

Important Areas To Light In a Wedding Venue
7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights


Wedding Lighting Decorations
6 Wedding Lighting Decorations to Create a Poetic Setting

What Is and How to Make Elegant Monogram Lighting For Weddings

Creating Whimsical Purple Wedding Lighting


Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Create A Dreamy Backdrop With These Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

How To Create Enchanting Wedding Tent Lighting

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Idea: Balloon Lighting


Wedding Centerpieces
Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection

Ideas for Romantic LED and Candle Beach Wedding Centerpieces


Indian Wedding Lighting
Design Guide: Indian Wedding Lighting


DIY Lighting
Unique Weekend DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas and Projects

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Pottery Barn DIY Table Lamp Hack

After Katherine of saw some stunning glass lamps in Pottery Barn, she decided to go about making them herself. Where the Pottery Barn lamps will range in price from $150 to $350, the DIY version can be made for $20-$30. Check out the step by step tutorial here at Paper Stitch.

The original Pottery Barn mercury lamps can be found here.

Pottery barn lamps

Gorgeous Pottery Barn mercury table lamps ranging from $150 to $350

DIY Lamp

A simple and cozy DIY version of the table lamp

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2 DIY Lace Lighting Projects: A Doily Lamp and Ceiling Lights

Combining lace with lights will make for beautiful light fixtures that will create detailed shadows. Here are two DIY projects, using lace to create a doily lamp and also to create DIY ceiling lights.

For the first DIY project on creating a lace lamp, all you will need is a jar, crochet doilies / lace, and a battery powered LED light. Follow along with the slide show below for a step by step guide in creating the lamps, created by kootoyoo.

Doily Lamp

The second project uses lace to create DIY ceiling lights. Follow the steps here on how hemp lights were created, using clear drying glue to harden the hemp twine, that was wrapped around a bouncy ball. Replace the hemp with lace to make the DIY pendant lights created by Shannon South.

DIY pendant ligth

DIY pendant light by Shannon South

Ceiling light

By Shannon South

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Nurturing Sleep With Childrens Wall Lights

With their vivid imaginations, a lot of young children develop a fear of the dark, and will have trouble sleeping. A simple night light can help children go to sleep a lot easier. Childrens wall lights range from simple plug in bulbs to more elaborate night lights that can change color and even project constellations onto the ceiling. We have highlighted a few of the innovative night lights.

Twilight Turtle

The Twilight Turtle is a mix between a plush toy and a night light. The great thing about this battery operated night light is that it also shines constellations onto the ceiling. Along with the illustrated star guide, parents and children can spend some time before they fall asleep identifying constellations. There is also a fairytale that come along with the light, about how the turtle finds his way home using the constellations. Available here.

The Twilight Turtle night light

child night light


Aquarium Night Light

This is one of the more basic children’s night light. It will automatically switch on and off when it gets dark and bright, and will fade softly between different colors. Available here.

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Photo Guide: Loft Lighting Ideas

Here we will go over both loft lighting ideas for loft apartments and loft conversions in houses (attic lighting) – starting with apartments. The great thing about loft apartments are the high ceilings – which creates a grand ambiance. Because of these tall ceilings, ceiling lights will need to be brought closer down. Recessed lights won’t be ideal on the high ceilings. Pendant lighting, floor and table lamps and wall lights are ideal fixtures to use.

In such a large space you’ll want to use multiple types of light fixtures to create different layers and lighting effects.

- Directional spot lights help in bringing more focused light to one specific area. These kind of lights can be adjusted and can be angled to point to the ground, or to highlight certain walls.

- Track or drum lighting work well over kitchen spaces

- Tall windows help bring in natural light and fill up the large loft space during the day

More ideas in the loft lighting photos below:

The tall windows brightly light this loft space during the day while the pendant lights and spotlights are used at night

This luxury loft uses multiple light types to create different lighting layers: track lights, table lamps and a chandelier over the dining table

This loft uses tall windows and multiple floor lamps to light the space, which avoids fitting anything to the gorgeous wooden cross beams

Another loft space combining multiple light fixtures to light an area (can track lights and a drum pendant)

Track lights in the living room and pendant lighting over the kitchen island

Another angle of the same loft, showing more track lights

Wired lights hung across the beams

The clean and minimalist decor style of this loft extends to the pendent light fixtures used

Loft Conversions in Houses / Attic Lighting Ideas

Look for ways to bring in as much natural light as possible. Side windows work best. Skylights can also work, but they will need to be angled in a way to avoid direct sunlight, as the loft / attic can get quite hot and stuffy.

The best way to light a loft during the day is with as much natural lighting as possible

Most loft spaces will be quite compact, so the opposite of loft apartment lighting applies. Rather than bring lights closer to the ground with pendant or track lighting, you’ll want lights that are attached closely to the ceiling. Recessed lights will help make the space feel larger, and flush mount lights will work too.

An attic being lit with skylights and recessed lighting

If you want to keep that intimate feeling of a compact loft space, using multiple lamps, either table or floor lamps, will be better loft lighting ideas.

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Kitchen Design: Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Most under cabinet lighting ideas are for decorative purpose. There are some instances when the lighting plays a more important role, for example when the cabinets are above a kitchen sink or counter top that is used for a number of cooking tasks. There are a number of different types of lights bulbs you can use and ways to add under cabinet lighting.

under cabinet lighting

The Different Types of Lights to Use For Under Cabinet Lighting

Halogen lights have been the go to light bulb for most house hold lighting solutions. They provide nice warm lighting but there are a number of draw backs. In order for halogen lights to work well as under cabinet lights, additional measures will need to be taken. For example, halogen lights will get extremely hot, even making the inside of the cabinet heat up. Insulation would need to be installed between the lights and the cabinet. Unlike florescent or LED strips of lights, halogens will not provide even lighting across the bottom of a cabinet.

The next three light options work much better than standard halogen light bulbs as they cover a wider space and these types of light bulbs do not heat up like halogens.

Florescent lights are a simple choice for under cabinet kitchen lighting. They provide even light across a surface. They do require more mechanical parts than LED lights, as they need a ballast. Florescent lights do provide a more sterile light than other options, but using fluorescent light covers will help in diffusing the light, making it softer. The benefit of bright, white lighting is that you can see the true colors of objects, like the natural colors of ingredients – whereas halogen lights, which give off a more yellowish/orange color, will alter the colors slightly. White LED lights can also be used to provide true color lighting.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting: LED lights have a number of benefits: they give of low amounts of heat as they use little energy, making them cheaper to run. They can also come in a range of different colors, or be programmed to change colors. Under cabinet LED lighting can in two forms. There are strip lights (though rope lighting would be better) and then there are the hockey pucks LEDs (small circular disks in which a number are attached to the bottom of the cabinet). The strip version provides more even lighting than the hockey pucks.

Rope Lights: Rope lights are LED lights incased within a clear plastic tube. They are more readily available to buy, and are more durable to handle as there is the protective casing. Because the plastic tube is flexible, the rope can be curved to fit different shapes.

Dimmable: On a side note, if you want more control of your lights, Halogen and LED lights can be dimmable, whereas florescent can’t.

Hockey puck cabinet lights

Specific Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

- When it comes to design, there are not a lot of under cabinet lighting options.  Dimmable lights and colored lights are probably a few of the only options to consider for lighting ideas.

- You can simply attach the lights to the bottom of the cabinets. An alternative would to construct or remodel the cabinets to include a cut away for the lights to sit in – ala recessed lighting.

- A very simple and inexpensive wireless under cabinet lighting idea, one that will only take a few minutes to install, would be to use battery operated motion sensor lights. These can be easily stuck to the bottom of the cabinets, and anytime you wave your hand under them, the lights will come on. These types of lights are available from Amazon, for under $30 for a pack of 3.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting is most commonly seen in homes. The same concept though, can be done under TV or book cabinets, or even under shelves. When it comes to creating a well designed space, you will want to use a number of different light fixtures to create different lighting effects. Using only one type of lighting will create a very monotone, dull look. These under cabinet lighting ideas can help in adding additional lighting effects to a space.

kitchen lighting

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