Creative Ways of Hanging Paper Lanterns Indoors: Plus DIY Lamp Ideas, and Where to Buy Everything

Below are some unique ways to hanging paper lanterns indoors, creative DIY projects that have used paper lanterns, and resources for where to buy the materials for all of this.

1. Creating a floor lamp

A long bent branch can be used as a stand to create an arc floor lamp. It can be planted into a pot of sand or soil, or cement can be used to create a solid base. The lightweight paper lantern then hangs off of the end of the branch, while the cord is wrapped around the branch and plugged into a wall. Another option is to use a fishing pole. Have a look at the photos below:

branch arc lamp

fishing pole arc

Idha Lindhag via Desire to Inspire 

2. The branch wall light

In Anne-Claire’s bedroom we see piece of driftwood has been attached to the wall above the bed. A pendant light has then been wrapped around the piece of wood and hangs down. The same can be done with a paper lantern.

wooden bedroom lamp


3. Creating a paper lantern chandelier

paper lantern chandelier

A paper lantern chandelier

This can be done in a number of ways. If you have track lights with hanging light fixtures, then paper lanterns can be simply fitted onto these lights. Another idea is to hanging a number of paper lanterns around a ceiling light fixture. That the light from that one fixture will make the lanterns softly glow. The best option, one that will require some electrical work, is to have a number of lights hanging down from the ceiling in one area which you can then fix one lantern to.

branch pendant light

You can also hang a branch and have paper lanterns hang off of it


DIY Projects

Because paper lanterns are so light weight and inexpensive there are a wide range of different and unique DIY projects based on them. Here are some creative DIY projects that have been done using hanging paper lanterns:

paper lanterns


Here is where to buy all the supplies to create your own paper lantern lighting indoors:

Where to buy:

You can find a range of paper lanterns here.

And you can find electric cords at the link on the left.


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L&L Kitchen: Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas [Picture Guide]

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas

Since they are long and skinny, the best breakfast bar lighting ideas would be pendant lights. These can be individual pendant lights, or track lights where a number of them hang down. There are also pendant lights that are adjustable, so you can pull them closer to the countertop when you need them, and push them up when you don’t.

So the popular choice, as they function well in bringing light down onto the countertop, and add a designer touch to the kitchen are pendant lights:

kitchen pendant lighting

Pendant lights help bring light closer down to the breakfast bar counter top

Breakfast bar lighting

Another example of pendant lights over a kitchen bar

kitchen pedant lights

These red kitchen lights add a touch of color to the space

kitchen track lighting

An example of track lighting using pendant lights

Track lights are great because they only need one electrical outlet in the ceiling. They can come as angled light fixtures as well as hanging lights. These angled track lights are a great lighting idea for kitchen bars, as they can be angled up and down the whole length of the countertop.

kitchen bar lighting

Angled track lights shining down onto a kitchen breakfast bar

One of the ideas we wrote about for our kitchen island lighting post, is to use a kitchen chandelier. These can be in the more rustic style, with only two or three lights instead of the traditional crystal chandeliers. These can also act as pot hangers too. For more ideas have a look at our post on kitchen island lighting ideas.

kitchen chandelier

A chandelier works well if you have a large kitchen

kitchen chandeliers

Different styles of kitchen chandeliers

kitchen pot light rack

A pot rack chandelier

You can find all of the Lamps Plus chandeliers here.

Alternative kitchen bar lighting ideas include using a single drum light over the center of the breakfast bar. Recessed lights are common in modern homes, and these can be used too. They do not bring light down from the ceiling, like pendant lights or track lights – and using them all over the kitchen can make  the space look dull.

kitchen recessed lighting

Only using recessed lights can make the kitchen look dull

If you have an electrical socket installed onto the bar, then a lamp could also be a suitable lighting idea.

A dimmer switch is a great idea as it allows you to have bright lighting for task based activities like preparing food, and dim lighting when you want a cozy and comfortable kitchen setting.

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 image credits


It’s so FLUFFY! DIY Coffee Filter Lantern

DIY Coffee Filter Light

Nichole of Parlour has created this HUGE coffee filter lantern using a 38” paper lantern and 1200 coffee filters. She simply hot glued the filters onto the lantern and it’s so FLUFFY!! So it is not a difficult project, just a very time consuming one (it sounds like it took her 8-10 hours to glue all 1200 coffee filters on).  Obviously you wouldn’t have to use such as large lantern to do this project, but the scale of it really does create a focal point in her dining room.  It looks amazing – and SO FLUFFY! – link

DIY Coffee Filter Lamp

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Aquarium Lighting Guide: The Basics of Light Selection

There are tons of aquarium lighting options out there, from bulbs, fixtures and hoods to light strips and tubes. The right lighting is an essential aspect not only to the aesthetics of the tank, but to the health and happiness of the fish as well. This basic aquarium lighting guide will give you some useful and unique ideas to help get you started on choosing the right lights.

aquarium lighting

Aquarium Lighting Selection

  • Incandescent Lights

Incandescent light fixtures have the cheapest initial cost, but you should avoid them for several reasons. They burn out faster than other types, so you will need to replace them more often. They use more electricity than other types and will unnecessarily drive up your power bill. Finally, they produce a lot of heat which interferes with the tank’s water temperature regulation. If you purchase a smaller starter aquarium kit it will likely come with an incandescent fixture. You can easily replace this fixture with a more efficient one that will cost you less in the long run.

  • Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent fixtures are most commonly used for aquarium light settings. The fixtures and the bulbs are more expensive than incandescent ones, but you will not have to replace them as often and they cost less to run. Standard fluorescent lighting will get the job done for most any aquarium, but there are other types that are better suited for certain environments. Very high output (V.H.O.) fluorescent lights are great for large/tall tanks, reef aquarium lighting, or those with densely packed plant life. They produce as much as three times the amount of light as a standard fluorescent bulb. Power compact fluorescent lights are another option for plant and reef fanatics. They give off a little more light than V.H.O.s and some can fit into regular incandescent fixtures, just be careful not to exceed the fixture’s max wattage allowance.

  • Led Aquarium Lighting Guide

Using LED lighting to simulate moonlight is a captivating way to illuminate a tank at night without disrupting the routine of the fish. When done properly it can even stimulate more healthy growth and activity during the night time hours. Blue LED lighting with a spectrum of 470 nm to 480 nm is optimal for moonlight simulation. They create a soft blue glow that makes the tank look fantastic and you should see an improvement in vegetation growth with no difference in the energy level of the fish. Try having them come on about an hour before your day time lighting goes off and shut off around three or four in the morning.

For more on moon lighting have a look at our post: DIY Aquarium Moon Lighting To See The Fishes At Night

Fish alone do not need a particularly well-lit tank. In fact, most generally prefer just enough light to be able to tell the difference between day time and night time (and for you, enough to be able to adequately see the fish). Putting the lighting on a timer is the easiest way to provide them with the recommended 10 to 12 hours of light each day. Tanks with live anemones, corals, and/or plants crave more intense lighting and should receive around 12 to 14 hours of light per day.

image credits: Pete Brown


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A Simple DIY Idea: The Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Vintage Map Lamp DIY

Some of the best DIY lamp ideas are the most simple to make and allow you to personalize it in your own way, just like the print out paper lights we mentioned here. Take this pendant light that Allison of Paisley Sprouts created. Here she takes the standard, well known paper lantern. Then cuts dozens of 5” circles out of vintage maps and hot glues them onto the lantern. The result is a wonderful, personalized pendant light for her baby’s bedroom. And as we said before, the great thing is that you can adapt this project to your own style by cutting out circles from beach photos, gardening/music/car magazines, or anything you like (even fabric and use glue to harden it).

DIY Vintage Map Lantern

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DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights

DIY Paper Fortune Light

We’ve highlighted before (DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights) the creative use of origami in making lights. This time we see Allison of The 3 Rs Blog fashion pendant lights using folded fortune tellers. Here she has made a lot of fortune tellers, and has glued them onto a paper lantern – creating this beautiful, soft glowing lantern. After the success of the paper lantern version, Allison went on to make a drum light one – using the same method. You can find the step by step guide here.

Paper Lantern DIY

DIY Paper Lantern Light

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