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Interior Design Showcase: Industrial Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design

Designer Velizar Dimitrov, from Plovdiv Bulgaria, designed this industrial styled bedroom. The interior design makes use of the grunge texture on the walls and uses mostly black and white throughout the space.

I have highlighted industrial styled lighting before in our Stella Bleu Designs: Industrial Shelving with Lights and Profile on Kozo Lamp: The Desk Collection posts. Here the table and floor lamps have a more refined, polished and modern design.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design

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Interior Design Showcase: DiVino Wine Bar

Wine Bar Interior Design

The DiVino Wine Bar, a Hungarian design by Suto, uses a color scheme that has high contrast – with the black going up against the very light brown. Splashes of yellow/orange are present from the drinks display lights.

The wine bar makes use of a number of different light fixtures, which is essential in creating different lighting layers and effects for a well lit area. Asides from the display lighting, the space also incorporates multiple chandeliers, recessed lights, angled spot lights above the bar counter, and a sleek continuous track light that spans the entire bar area.

Wine Bar Interior Design

Wine Bar Interior Design

Wine Bar Interior Design

Wine Bar Interior Design

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Interior Design Showcase: LED Wine Cellar

luxury LED wine cellar

When I first caught a glimpse of the photos below, I thought this amazing looking wine cellar was part of a fancy night club or restaurant. That was the inspiration Jamie Beckwith, an interior designer, used to design this 6 million dollar house for herself.

“She was largely inspired by lighting for this project and wanted to integrate into a residential space lighting in a way that is normally seen in a commercial space, such as restaurants or hotels. The wine cellar lighting gives a totally different effect and ambiance when LED lighting is utilized to illuminate the arched acrylic wine storage.”Design Shuffle

The wine cellar was created using LED lights that shine through all the acrylic that houses the wine, and the gothic arches. There is a sitting area above that has glass floors – giving unique views into the wine cellar below.

Located in Nashvile,TN, the house includes other extravagant design elements such as a 20 feet long, vertical chandelier.

luxury LED wine cellar

luxury LED wine cellar

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L&L Ideas Guide: Best Lighting For Artwork

There are 3 things to remember when looking for lighting for artwork, and they are: heat, color and placement. A lot of lights, especially halogens, will produce a sufficient amount of heat. If these lights are placed too close to the artwork, or are left on for too long, this could damage the piece. Ways to avoid this is to use LED lights, fiber optics, or to make sure the light fixture is a good distance away from the art pieces. For example you can use track lighting for artwork, as these are installed into the ceiling, and each individual light can be angled to different parts of the room. Another option is to use recessed lighting in the ceiling that can be angled down towards the art work.

track lighting in an art gallery

Track lighting being used in an art gallery

The color of the light bulb can play a role in how the artwork will look. White light allows for true colors to be seen in the art, while yellow shades of light can distort it depending on the hue.

gallery art lighting

Wireless gallery lighting

Where you are going to place the lights needs to be taken into consideration. Using track lights will be simple, as they are installed into the ceiling. If you are going to use wall lights, hung right above the artwork, then how the wiring will get there needs to be looked at. One alternative is to use battery powered gallery lights. We highlighted the best lighting for artwork in our The Cordless Gallery Light post here: Highlight Decor Pieces Easily With Wireless Art Gallery Lighting. Not only do these lights not require any wiring, but they can be attached directly onto the frame of an art piece (or they can be attached to the wall). The cordless lights use LEDs so there is little to no heat and ultraviolet rays.

image credits: David Group


L&L Design Guide: Apartment Lighting Ideas

There are a number of design principles to keep in mind when looking for great apartment lighting ideas. Look to layer the lighting in a room and create different lighting effects, focus the lights to areas specific to the room, and go for a cozy or grand lighting design scheme.

The best lighting designs, which makes any room look great, uses different lighting fixtures. This avoids a monotone look – which would happen if you were to just use ceiling lights for example. Instead mix it up with ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, pendant lights, indirect lighting, mood lighting, etc. – as this will create different lighting effects, and layer the lighting in the room.

apartment bedroom lighting

Lighting is used to bring focus to specific areas in a room. For example, in the bedroom bed side table lamps brings the focus of the room to the bed. In the living room, you can have back lighting behind the TV or couch. In the kitchen, under cabinet lighting adds a nice feel to the area.

If you want to create a cozy environment in your apartment then avoid using the ceiling lights. Use floor lamps and table lamps – keeping the lighting as low down as possible. On the other hand, if you want to create a grand setting in the apartment, then light up all walls and the ceiling, which will make the space feel larger. Cove lighting is a great way to make a space feel larger and grand – L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas.

apartment cove lighting

Here are a few specific light fixture ideas for any apartment:

Quick Changes

Most modern apartments will have recessed lighting. They use a false ceiling to hide all the parts of the lights, creating a clean look in the room. If you want to change this up, say to create a more intimate and cozy feeling in the room, then check out pendant light adapters. These adapters screw into standard ceiling light sockets, and let you have pendant lights without having to do any electrical work.

Instant Pendant Lights

In Total Control

Another option is to install dimmer switches so you have full control of the lighting. Or there are now LED light bulbs that come with remote controls so you can dim them, or even change the color of the light. This is a great way of adding splashes of color to a room. If you want to brighten up a room, use green or yellow light. While dark purple or blues can make the room feel romantic for the night.

Setting The Mood

Other mood lighting ideas (L&L Design Guide: Home Mood Lighting Ideas) include stand alone units like the Yantouch Jellyfish (Modern Lighting: The iPad Meets A Jellyfish) or the Philips Mood Lighting Collection (Color Your Rooms With The Philips Mood Light Collection).

mood lighting

Mixing Music and Light

Want to get high tech? Then check out the AudioBulb (L&L Lights and Music: The AudioBulb Sound System). This light bulb will screw into any standard ceiling light socket. You will then get LED lights as well as easy to set up wireless speakers – all of which can be controlled via a remote control.

bedroom lighting apartment kitchen lighting kitchen lighting

image credits: Favaro JR. 2, Urbane Apartments, Tobias


Interior Design Showcase: Russian Apartment

Small Apartment Interior Design 01

Here we have a small apartment in Russia that has been designed by Curly Studio. It has a clean, modern and minimalist look, infusing a lot of wood into the space to create warmth. In terms of lighting: modern recessed lights fill the space with ambient lighting, while pendant lights around the bed and industrial style wall lamps above the mirror in the walk in closet, and in the bathroom provide localized lighting.

Small Apartment Interior Design 02 Small Apartment Interior Design 03 Small Apartment Interior Design 04 Small Apartment Interior Design 05

Small Apartment Interior Design 06

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