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DIY Dioder Hacks

L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects

There are so many amazing DIY lighting projects to do. Here is a recap of the best ideas we have gathered here at Lights & Lights.  They range from advanced – create your own constellation ceiling, to the incredibly simple – use color changing lights to paint a room any color you want, any time. […]

Small Apartment Interior Design 03

Interior Design Showcase: Russian Apartment

Here we have a small apartment in Russia that has been designed by Curly Studio. It has a clean, modern and minimalist look, infusing a lot of wood into the space to create warmth. In terms of lighting: modern recessed lights fill the space with ambient lighting, while pendant lights around the bed and industrial […]


Moroccan Lighting: Exotic Home Style Decorating Guide, Ideas and DIY Projects

Known for its exotic culture and lavish style, Morocco uses traditional Arabian motifs in combination with elegant French styling for their décor. Spanish colonialism also influences Moroccan interiors. You can import this luxurious style to any home through Moroccan lighting and simple decorative pieces. A few simple changes can make any room an exotic Moroccan […]


L&L Guide To Tropical Lighting and Home Décor Ideas

The best place to look for tropical lighting and décor inspiration is over on the island of Bali. Traditional Balinese homes follow the main design principle of bringing the outdoors indoors. So you see a lot of wide open indoor spaces, with large windows that open out to the outdoors. This principle can also be […]

Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas

Simple and Easy To Do Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas

The key to creating mood lighting in the bathroom is to keep the lighting at a low level. One way to do this is to have a dimmer switch for your ceiling lights, or to turn them off completely and use some of these bathroom mood lighting ideas. Modern Home Spa Lights These are little, […]


Energy Guide: How Much Electricity Does a House Use

So how much electricity does a house use? Well according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average home in 2010 used 11,496 kWh per year, that’s 958 kWh per month. Tennessee was ranked the highest users of energy at 16,715 kWh per year and Maine had the lowest at 6,252 kWh. So that’s how […]


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