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Daru Cardboard Desk Lamp 01

The Daru – An Elegant Designer Cardboard Desk Lamp

Designed by Alberto Vasquez, who is from Budapest, Hungary, the Daru is constructed from one single piece of corrugated cardboard. Its form takes inspiration from a blade of grass. A great thing about the design is the dual lighting – there is both soft ambient lighting and white task lighting. There is the lamp section […]

house christmas lighting

L&L Guide: How Much Does it Cost To Have Christmas Lighting Installed? And Run Them?

Estimated Total Costs for Having Christmas Lights Installed 1 Story House: $150 – $300 2 Story House $300 -$750 When trying to figure out how much does it cost to have Christmas lighting installed, a lighting company will take into consideration a number of factors. The number of stories your house has, the amount of […]

apartment bedroom lighting

L&L Design Guide: Apartment Lighting Ideas

There are a number of design principles to keep in mind when looking for great apartment lighting ideas. Look to layer the lighting in a room and create different lighting effects, focus the lights to areas specific to the room, and go for a cozy or grand lighting design scheme. The best lighting designs, which […]

side lighting stairs

L&L Design Guide: Stairwell Lighting Ideas – From Lip Lighting to Motion Controlled Lights

There are a number of stairwell lighting ideas to choose from. Some are simple, like attaching battery operated motion sensor lights to the wall, or using pendant light adapters to modify your ceiling lights. Other ideas require some work – like installing lights into the side wall of the stairs, or fitting lights to the […]

Nissyoku Mood Lamp 04

The Magical Nissyoku Mood Lamp

Peter Toronyi took inspiration from solar eclipses to create the elegant Nissyoku lamp. The form is simple and sleek, and how you control the light is magical. The Nissyoku is meant to be used as a mood light. The lens panels on each side can be adjusted, to angle the light in the direction you […]

natural lighting 02

L&L Design Guide: Different Ways to Add Natural Lighting in Homes – From Windows to Solar Tubes

Adding natural lighting to a home is a great way to save on bills, and also to create a more warm and friendly environment. Here we are going to go over all the different ways you can add natural lighting to any room. From the basic – windows (and how you can manage heat and […]


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