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Colorful DIY Lighting Idea: String Lights + Ping Pong Balls

Paper lanterns are a popular choice for DIY lighting projects as they are so inexpensive and lightweight. The second most popular light fixture to use in DIY projects are string lights – another light weight and inexpensive light source. I have featured the work of Wit and Whistle and their Origami Sting Lights. This time Steven over at Instructables has merged together string lights and ping pong balls to create a colorful array of lights. All you’ll need for this DIY project are string lights, ping pong balls, a glue gun and a drill – you can find the step by step guide here.

Ping Pong Lights

Ping Pong Lights DIY

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DIY Flexible Light Ribbon Using Reused Materials and LEDs

DIY recycled felt light

Sara Bergano, in collaboration with Giusy Arciresi, made a flexible strip of lighting out of scrap felt, an old phone battery charger and an array of 50 LED lights. Because it is flexible it can be formed into any shape to create different organic forming lights fixtures. The light was made for an exhibition to spread the importance of reusing scrap materials – site.

DIY recycled light

DIY felt light

DIY light

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DIY Danish Designer Lighting: The IQlight Module Kit

IQlight Kit

Back in 1973 Danish designer Holger Strom designed a module system for people to create their own lamp shapes. The IQlight, as in Interlocking Quadrilaterals, is a self assembly kit that does not require any gluing or adhesive. Each IQlight contains 30 modules. 22 lamps of different shapes and sizes can be built using 9 to 120 modulus. Website: iqlight

IQlight Kit Pendant Light

IQlight Kit Pendant Lamp

IQlight Shapes

Nick Sayers has created a number of spheres based on the IQlight – as seen in my post highlighting his playing cards lamp.

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Recycled Playing Cards Turned Into Lights

Nick Sayers has created a wide range of spherical lights using reused materials. Here we have highlighted three spheres Nick has made using old playing cards. The first one, the largest, uses 270 playing cards that have 1,080 cuts and are slotted together. The second light is a smaller version, using 30 playing cards, and has no light. The third sphere uses thread and stitching to join the cards together. – Nick Sayers site

Light: The 270 Playing Cards 

playing cards light

Sculpture: 30 Playing Cards Slotted

playing cards sculpture

Sculpture: 30 Playing Cards Stitched

playing cards sculpture

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Simple and Beautiful DIY Light Bulb Vase

One day incandescent light bulbs will be completely replaced with more energy efficient compact florescent bulbs or LED lights. Until then, there will be a number of burned out incandescent light bulbs lying around – unless a creative mind sees a new use for them. In one of our recent posts we highlighted the work of Sergio Silva who creates light bulb oil lamps. Now we have found Tim Park using old light bulbs, aluminum welding rod, and a few simple tools to create simple and beautiful plant vases. – via recyclart.

DIY light bulb vase

DIY light bulb vase

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Designer Recycled Lighting: DIY Building Blocks Made From Tetra Pak Boxes

Tetra Pak Light

These are some beautiful lights that are made out of recycled Tetra Brik boxes – which are mostly discarded drink cartons. The cartons are cut into strips and two shapes are made that can fit together to create a light shade. No glue is needed.

The two shapes (a polygon and a hexagon) are just the basic building blocks. With the two shapes you can build a range of different lights: from a spherical lamp, to a drum light or floor lamp. You can find the steps that Ed Chew, a Malaysian designer, took at his website here.

Tetra Pak Pendant Light

Tetra Pack Light

Tetra PaK Sphere Light

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